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        If you have not yet heard of the opportunity United Games has presented, it would be in your best interest to continue to read this. Alright, let's jump into this thing. On September 1, United Games will be releasing the first ever real time, interactive, sports game app. And guess what? The app is free. The game is simple, although every day there are more exciting announcements made about the app. Say your watching an NFL game live on T.V. You would be able to go into the app, and find the game you are watching. You would join a game within the app, and begin to answer questions and make calls throughout the game in real time to compete against friends. You earn points wishing the app, and redeem those points for real life prizes. Guys there has never been anything quite like this. And the best part? It's not just football. It is every sport! This thing will be global. 

        Now, let's get into how you make the money. This is a tiered affiliate marketing system. Every player who plays the game will be linked to an affiliate, and every affiliate will be linked to another affiliate. Within the game, players will be able to either buy tokens, or earn them by watching advertisements. A token is used to actually play the game. Every player that an affiliate personally invites, that affiliate will make 10 cents per token! When you, as an affiliate, signs up another affiliate, every player that new affiliate gets will be placed into what is called your tier two. You make 5 cents off of every token in that tier. And it goes down the line all the way to tier nine! The great part about this is that each player can receive 5 free tokens every single day just by watching 10-15 second ads! But wait, it gets better. Every player that you invite will also be prompted to post their invite code on social media, or just get their friends to download the app. Every player that they invite will also be placed under you. 100 players could turn into 100,000 within a few months. This thing is extremely powerful. And hold on, it gets even better. Making money off of token acquired is just one of the THREE ways you get paid. The second way you get paid is by tokes spent. In the app, you will be able to create a game for whatever sporting event it might be. You will be able to invite as many players as you want, and for every player that joins by your invite, you will get 5 cents for every token played. This also works on a tiered system, but only up to 4 tiers deep. The third way you get paid is by what is called a check matching bonus. For example, let's say you invite 15 affiliates, and each affiliate makes $5,000 in a month off of the tokens acquired and tokens spent. For each affiliate, you will get a 20% bonus of everything they earn. This doesn't take anything away from them, it is just a bonus from the company. So, with 15 affiliates at $5000 per month, that would be $15,000 a month just off of this bonus. And for every affiliate in your tier two, you get 10%. It goes down to tier 4.

        Alright guys, contact me at tccrensh@go.olemiss.edu if you have any questions, or want to get signed up. Here is a video explaining some things about this. http://youtu.be/3nP4mRJmDtw

"People pray for success, but when an opportunity smacks them in the face, they fail to recognize it. It's time to jump."

This article was published on 05.07.2016 by Thomas Cole Crenshaw
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