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Greetings, fellow Health and Nutrition Enthusiasts! My name is Rebecca Kesling, and I want to tell you why MY health and nutrition opportunity is the RIGHT ONE for you!

This is how my story begins. I had always been a healthy person, very upbeat, very happy. I had my problems, of course, starting out with migraines as a kid, progressing to irritable bowel syndrome and crazy peri-menopause symptoms by my 30s. From my early 40s to my late 40s, I tried nutritional supplements, carb-restrictive diets, muscle-testing with targeted mineral supplements, blood-testing with targeted chelating for toxic metals and nutritional supplements, all to no avail. I continued to become sicker and sicker, finally resorting to my last and most desperate choice, a general physician's care.  

As a 48-year-old woman, I found myself with a medical diagnosis of fibromyalgia, arthritis, and spinal stenosis. I proceeded into America's sick-care system, taking one prescription pill, then another, and another to cover my migraines, my muscle aches, my high blood pressure, my stabbing pains, my shooting pains, my arthritis, my anxiety. Before it was done, I had a nightstand full of prescription pills to take every morning and every night. I was supposed to take them through the day, but couldn't work or stay awake if I took the muscle relaxer I needed and couldn't think if I took the migraine pill. Although I was now able to function, it was the lowest level of functioning I could imagine. I dragged myself to work in the morning, agonized through the day, and dragged myself home to pass out on the couch in the evening. I gained almost 80 pounds in under five years. To make a long story short, I was MISERABLE. 

Then, a chance acquaintance told me she thought she had something that might help me. She began speaking about her product line and how the products helped restore health and vitality. As soon as she said that the main product stabilizes blood sugar and helps eliminate Candida yeast and fungal overgrowth, I knew I HAD TO try this product. Because, you see, one thing I had learned in my long journey to un-health was that most of our ill health issues are caused by two things: too much sugar in our Standard American Diets (SAD) that feed the unhealthy Candida Albicans yeast in our bodies, and the leaky gut syndrome that results from it that causes an inflammatory response in the body and sets off all kinds of other health problems. Unfortunately, nothing I had tried had been able to take care of my crazy carb cravings and my leaky gut syndrome. I HAD TO TRY this product. Long story short, it saved my health!

Now you, too, can try this product, Plexus Slim, the product that saved my health, at https://shopmyplexus/WeAreOnePlexus. Now you, too, can become a Plexus Ambassador for the tiny sum of $34.95 for a years' membership and begin to change lives. Starting with your own. Gone is the brain fog, the constant feeling of inflammation in my body, the burning pains, the shooting pains, the constant daily headache. I'm working on the weight-loss. ;-)

For the tiny sum of $34.95, you get your own website and have access to an amazing array of learning tools and up-line ambassadors to guide you on your journey to wellness, or mlm dominance, or both. Plexus Slim is only one of the products created by this fantastic company, there are many more, and I have tried most of them. These products are amazing, take THAT from someone who knows. This business is booming. The Plexus Company is just beginning to grow. You can be on the forefront of a company you are proud to promote because they represent the best an MLM company has to offer: products you can believe in and a compensation plan that says the company believes in YOU!

I am a product of my products. I am a product of Plexus International: ever-growing and ever-evolving health and wellness for your body and your checkbook. I am asking you to join my team. Together, there is no stopping us. View the Plexus Opportunity and join now at https://shopmyplexus/WeAreOnePlexus or send me a private message at

This article was published on 10.07.2016 by Rebecca Kesling
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