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1 Fashion Global Officially Launches April 2016

Happy Easter to you all

My Name is Jason Nielsen, 35 years of age and I´m from New Zealand.

I like beekeeping, I eat a big healthy salad every day and there is nothing I enjoy more than getting things done.

I have a mission and I have the passion and motivation to succeed.

I have chosen a brand new MLM business to which I am dedicating all of my time and energy.

I know with time and dedication that this will reward me duly and you as well.

When you do your research, when you become well informed and you believe in a project and in your own ability to achieve success, you have to take the first step and you have to walk the line.

For me taking the first step was a cake walk and i dived in head first, no regrets.

I want to share with you the first MLM business that I have ever heard of that just makes great sense.

The president of the company has worked network marketing since she was 17 years old, She has been successful and she will officially launch her very own MLM business this april 2016.

1 Fashion Global is based in London.

Most of you probably haven´t heard of 1 Fashion Global, which is great news.

It´s time to start doing research.

The product range is something incredible.

A human "NEED" and something that every person who works face to face with the general public must take very seriously.

 I´m talking about our personal presentation and I´m talking about the most well known, highest quality desirable clothing labels.

I´m talking about the most competitive prices possible allowing you to make a handsome profit.

Clothes really do sell themselves, the hardest part to remember are all of the brands like Dolce & Gabana, Versace, Emporio Armani, Pepe Jeans, C.K and Miss Sixty to name just a few.

Top label Clothes for Women and Men of all ages.

Why I believe in 1 Fashion Global.

All of us need clothes, It´s a Need and we are all going to buy clothes or should buy clothes this year, your appearance really counts in today´s world.

Esther Padilla has dedicated her life´s work to create this amazing new opportunity, she has what it takes.

She has the power to maintain her momentum and get the job done.

1 Fashion Global has my full support and dedication as does my team and anyone else that wants information or needs help on our journey.

Thank you for letting me share with you an amazing opportunity.

This article was published on 26.03.2016 by Jason Nielsen
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