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It's not easy to start a business if you don't know what you're doing.

So I want you to think and be very smart about what's in store for you.

Here's a little story of what I mean.  Two guys wanted to be millionaires and

both of them knew the same man,  a peanut farmer.

So he told them ok I can help you if you're smart,  so the next day both men

ended up with two million pounds of peanuts in their backyards. 

The first guy said well I'll be d*** what am I going to do with all these d*** peanuts.

He tried to sell peanuts to everyone he knew and made a few hundred bucks in a few weeks

and the peanuts spoiled and he had to spend the few hundred bucks to get them out of his backyard,

therefore, he ended up with nothing.  The second guy thought about it for a few hours

got on the Internet and the phone and called every zoo and circus and amusement park and ball park and  peanut companies and any other business he could think of and told them he had penuts for half price one dollar a pound,  If they'd come and get them.  In a day or so he had all size trucks coming to his yard to load up with peanuts.

In a week he was sold out and guess what he had made a million bucks. The moral of this story is think

hard and be smart. Now here this  If I Gave You A Million Dollar Business Free.

Would You'd Know What To Do With It, If Your Answer Is Yes,

Prove It. It's Yours.

You must remember, treat a business like a business and it becomes a business if you treat it like a hobby

then you'll earn far less money.  When you are committed to something and make it fun and a part of your life it will spread like wildfire just from word of mouth.  With this particular business it has a fantastic structure like MLM and Affiliate Marketing all in one,  and the best part is no investment or upgrades.  I couldn't believe it when I joined.  Oh and I forgot to mention I love the Focus and Energy spray with no jitters or crashing afterward,  it's fantastic.  Ok folks you're on your own.  You can thank me later:-)


I'm going to give you a hint all your friends and Social Media

and last but not least FaceBook.

Best Wishes

and enjoy your business.

This article was published on 24.04.2018 by Rudolph Wilson
Author's business opportunity:

Where Dreams Come True - Home Business, Free to join

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Dean Hart Hi Rudolph ~ I have a slogan 'call me or click-n-see'! Great Article Sir ~ DH ~  3 years ago

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