How to Follow-Up with Your MLM Prospects Like a Jedi Master

Today, I want to teach you how to follow up with your MLM Prospects like a Jedi Master. These are some valuable lessons I have learned during the past 17-years in this great industry. 

Follow-up is the most important part of the recruiting process, in my opinion. That being said, it is the one thing most MLM reps mess up the most. 

1. The average person will need 7 to 20 follow-ups before they make a decision to buy or join. You need to stay in touch with people and LEAD them to a decision. Don't expect people to make a buying decision on the initial contact. 

2. Keep track of EVERYONE you talk to about the products or business and make sure you stay in touch with them at least once a month. Over the course of three to five years you could easily have a database with 5,000 or more names. As long as you treat people well, stay in touch and always act like a professional, many of these folks will EVENTUALLY do business with you. 

3. Consider sending out a monthly newsletter or handwritten note once a month to people. You can do it by email, but people will not take it seriously. A handwritten note adds the personalized touch.

4. Leverage your successful upline coach to help you follow-up. In most cases, they have more experience and skills in following-up, and they can help you close your prospects. 

5. Use different communication strategies when following-up. Use a combination of the phone, Facebook, text, email, mail, etc. 

6. When you follow-up, make sure the conversation is focused on them solving their problems, not about you. Ask a lot of questions, identify a problem and show they how what you have to offer can be a viable solution. Remember, people really only care about themselves. 

7. Read a few books on the subject. Watch a few YouTube videos. Ask your mentors some of their best follow-up tips. 

8. Keep track of where each person is in your follow-up process. That way you can lead them to the next step in your recruiting process. I recommend using a simple Excel Spreadsheet to help you do this. 

9. Finally, and most importantly, every time you follow-up with someone, make sure you ask for the sale. Ask them to take out their credit card and buy something. If you don't ask, you won't hear the word yes. 

I hope you got some value from these tips. What are your thoughts? What are your best follow-up tips? Leave a reply below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you. 

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Chuck Holmes is an author, blogger and network marketing professional

This article was published on 14.05.2019 by Chuck Holmes
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Jaye Carden The follow-up is where the power is. If you are doing a lot of prospecting, and getting several interested prospects, it will become a job of it's own but one that's worth it!  1 year ago

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