Network marketing the easy way....

     Every network marketer gets involved with NM, bright-eyed and bushy tailed, hoping their NM business will take off like a racehorse when the gate is let down.  Sadly, 95% or more of those people will make little to no money and give up.

        Most network marketers (>95%) fail for a couple reasons:  1)  They use the same tired, worn out approach, taught by a well meaning up line:  Join my biz, learn the presentation and get it in front of as many people as you can.  "Its a numbers game," we're told, "get the numbers working for you, go out and share this opp with as many as you can!" So when the promised riches don't start coming in, they give up.

2)  Initial investment is too costly.  Sure, for opps that cost a fair amount, 100 or more, the front end commissions and residuals may be higher, but many people cannot afford those high dollar programs, and investment amounts like that can be scary to those who are on a shoe string budget.  For these two reasons, traditional network marketing is done back-asswards, putting the cart before the horse.

                *** The Goal ***

          As network marketers, our goal is simple:

To establish a freakishly-fast growing (on auto pilot)network marketing team that enjoys phenomenal success right out of the gate.  

      If we could manage to do that, none of us would have anything to worry about in our respective NM businesses.  It all revolves around removing those two pesky, frustrating reasons for failure previously mentioned, and it's absolutely critical how this is done.                        Fortunately, the solution is rather simple.  Now for the $500,000 question:

       What if you had a network already built that was committed to joining the same opportunity as you, BEFORE you got involved in the opp?  Do you think you'd fail?  Well, that might depend on the initial investment.  Remember what we've said about the higher costing programs?

      Now, for the 1 million dollar question:

What if the first opp you have your team join is of such low initial investment that ALL could afford it?  Would you fail then?  Nope!  

      "What if I'm already involved in a higher costing program?"

        Well, now that your team had made money with you, easy great money, if you had a higher costing program later on you wanted them to get involved with, do you think they'd hesitate to join? Again, nope!  They've made easy, great money with you, you've given them a taste if the good stuff! They'll like and trust you, and thus be hungry for more! Now that we'd have this team, we can jump from opp to opp and crush it in every one! A team that stays with each other, and makes each other great money no matter what opp we get involved with.  That's the network marketing success we're all after!  There are 3 critical elements one had to implement to do all this Get in touch with me today to learn more, it won't cost anything.

This article was published on 31.05.2016 by Aaron Taylor
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