Magnetron sputtering technology and consecutive sputtering coating line

Magnetron sputtering deposition technology and consecutive sputtering coating line

For the large sized substrate coating or deposition, the contemporary advanced technology is the high quality magnetron sputtering coating or deposition, which can make sophisticated multi-layers coating designed on glass or plastic panels and realize diverse colors or optical films with characteristics of anticorrosion, good wearing resistance, good deposition uniformity and adhesion.

For so many years, China Guangdong PVD Metallizer Co. has been dedicating to the research and development of the technology of magnetron sputtering deposition and made unremitting efforts to update the consecutive sputtering coating line. Up to now, the company is able to produce sputtering coating line for low-e glass, sputtering coating line for appliance glass, automobile headlight coating line, PC/PMMA/PET plastic panel coating line, ITO transparent conductive film coating line, EMI electromagnetic shielding coating line, complete manufacturing line for amorphous silicon PV solar panels, etc.

In the year 2002, the company obtained Certificate of the system of quality certification ISO9001/2000 issued by Swiss SGS organization; in the year 2003 the company was crowned of National High Quality Credit Enterprise with title of AAA enterprise approved by Chinese government and in the year 2006 the title was updated into AAAA. The perfect management system insures the machine construction in high quality.

Features and characteristics:

China Guangdong PVD Metallizer Co. produce various models of consecutive sputtering coating lines adopting newly designed planar targets or rotary cylinder targets by way of flexible combination to enable to deposit metal film, alloyed film or realize dielectric film coating by reactive sputtering deposition technology. Designed with multi-chambers of block structure, it is essential and effective to realize large area consecutive production with IPC control system and color screen display as operation interface by whole process automation, available for extensive application in production of rearview mirror, appliance glass, architectural glass, automobile glass, ITO transparent conductive glass, FPD panel, digital product window as well as decoration and upholstery panels, etc.

Operation demonstration:

Along with the opening of entrance valve, glass panels feed in entrance chamber by conveying appliance under process of vacuum pumping and ionic glow discharging treatment and then is transported into transition chamber under high vacuum evacuation. Afterward the glass panels go through valves into buffer zone and then move on at constant speed into coating chamber under sputtering deposition in certain magnetron sputtering coating section. Thus, a layer or multi-layers of metal films have been deposited on the surface of glass panels. The coated glass panels go out of chambers through buffer zone, outlet chamber and are installed on glass rack. Thus the whole coating process is achieved successfully.


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