PTC sites versus REVSHARE sites

I will be talking here about the advantages and disadvantages of PTC sites and rev share programs. 

First of all, let`s see what PTC sites are. Register for free and start earning by clicking advertisements that are delivered to you every day. You don`t need to invest, you can just click every day and earn but the amount earned will be small, so you need to spend a lot of time clicking before you can say you have earned some substantial sum of money. The advantage is that it is free but the disadvantage is that you only earn a little money. In such sites you can increase the possibility of earning by referring other people to the site, that is finding direct referrals or in some sites you can even rent referrals. You can pay for renting referrals out of your earnings, so you don`t have to spend your own money. Here is the link to one of these sites that has proven to be safe and pays immediately:

You can upgrade, if you like, and increase earnings or you can do some other tasks and earn more than just by clicking. For example, you have mini jobs that pay you to answer a few questions or do the survey. 

There is even the possibility to extend the time of rented referrals using the points you have earned by clicking the ads. All in all, this site is worth trying if you are not looking for the chance to get rich overnight but would like to earn some money in order to invest it somewhere else or just as a pocket money. 

On the other side are rev share programs that can make you a lot of money in a short time. However, here you have to invest your own money if you want to start earning and if you want to earn more you have to invest more. So, the advantage is that you can earn some serious cash but the disadvantage is that such sites are risky because you never know if they are going to stop working some day. If you are experienced in online business you will know which sites are better and safer just by looking at the name of the admin of the site. That is why some sites have a lot of subscribers because their admins proved to be trustworthy and honest in terms of regular payout. 

There is such site, it is new but has already proved to pay out its members:

What you need to do here is buy a pack of shares, you have them different values, from $5 to $2000. When you register you get a bonus of $5 from them. The more packs you have, the more you will earn. So, you just have to sit back and watch your earnings every day. The only requirement is to click 10 sites daily so that you can be qualified to receive your earnings. Each pack has a time limit, for example, you invest $5 and get $7.5, so your earnings are $2.5 and when your pack earns $7.5 it expires. You can then collect your dollars but the advice is to invest in another adpack and before the first one reaches expires because the more packs you have the better for you, you can increase earnings like that. Also, you can refer other people to the site and get a percentage from their purchasing. 
This article was published on 24.10.2015 by Emilija Ruzic
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