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Hello my name’s Francisco Linares 

As promised, I’m going to cover the tools that you will need which will automate your online business which are really essential if you want success on the internet which equals to making lots of money.

Now if you’re a total newbie with all this make money on the internet stuff that’s awesome, just watch the video till the end so you can gain as much value from this short training as you can. If you’re a seasoned pro or even if you know all this stuff but you’re struggling online and finding it very difficult to make life changing money or even a dollar, I would very much recommend watching until the very end because I will I’ll have something special to offer you and don’t worry, it won’t cost the earth if anything. And you know, hopefully you get some valuable nuggets from my training anyway.

Ok so let’s begin. Now when you’re promoting and selling anything online, whether it’s your own products or affiliate products there is one very big mistake that you must avoid at all costs especially if you’re paying for advertising, and that is sending people straight to the offer.

==>> Success is waiting for you:

Why, because you can literally get people coming to your site, and then coming back off again and not do a thing like making a sale. If you’re paying for advertising, it’s the sure eat through your advertising budget and you will definitely make a loss.

So you may or may not have heard that the money’s in the list right?

What does that mean?

It means that you want to find a way of capturing people’s email addresses before they go on to see your offer.

So first of all you're going to need a way to create lead capture pages, and there’s all different names for this, opt-in page, squeeze page, funnel etc. For this purposes I’m just going call this tool a funnel builder.

Usually a page like this would have a simple but captivating headline that makes your visitor curious enough to enter their emails in and some people collect names as well as emails which is up to the marketer how much information they wish to collect.

==>> Success is waiting for you:

Now this brings us to our second tool which is an autoresponder, and this is what we use to plug in or integrate with our funnel builder.

It is responsible for collecting email addresses which are all stored in it’s own database and you can have different lists for different things that you’re selling. For example if you’re offering an dog training and weight loss product, you would want two separate lists.

One of the main uses of this tool is that you can preload with a series of emails reminding your leads or prospects about what you’re offering.

Why is this important?

Firstly because you need to build trust. Why should they buy from you, especially if you're an affiliate marketer marketing the same things as your competitors.

Secondly you want to keep reminding them about the product with a link to take them to the buying process highlighting how your offer will benefit your prospect, is it to make more

money, to lose weight etc.

And thirdly, if you’re paying for advertising, we want to make sure that our money is not wasted even if a visitor doesn’t buy right away as soon as they see your offer.

A really cool feature of an autoresponder is that it allows you to send a broadcast to your list. This means that if you have something new to say, maybe something that’s going on in your life today that you can cleverly tie into the benefits of your product, you can create an email there and then and send it to your list of subscribers. Very powerful feature which builds your credibility and shows that you’re actually a real person and not just somebody hiding behind your computer.

So now that we have your funnel setup and your autoresponder setup and plugged in, what else do we need?

Well lastly we need a link tracker. This is a service which can track anything from how many visitors you’re getting to your website or your funnel, to lead conversions and how many of those leads are converting to sales after they see your offer.

Now tracking is very important, especially if you’re buying advertising or what we call traffic. Traffic being people or visitors to your website from an advertising traffic source. It’s important to know your numbers and see what traffic source is working or not working or even test your advertisements and you can do things like split testing where you have a set of ads that you want to test against each other but you test one thing at a time like a picture or a headline, the colour of the border around the picture for example.

==>> Success is waiting for you:

Now if you have watched this video right till the end, I want to congratulate you for making it. You are one of the small few who are committed to seeing something through till the end and committed to your own success.

With your permission I want to tell you how you can further your education so you can make money online as quickly as possible and or the long term by not only buying and putting these tools that I mentioned to use, but how you can even sell these tools to other people who needs them in their business.

I don’t know how you’re feeling right now. Maybe you have information overload and is a lot to take in because you are new. I know how you feel. I was where you’re sitting right now, but I had to learn this stuff like with anything new in this life.

And besides, it sounds like an awful like hard work doesn’t it. It can be initially, but when you have everything setup, you can literally have a system thats cranking out money on autopilot 24/7. You know the internet never sleeps right. But you do. Imagine waking up with more cash than yesterday.

Well you know what? I want to do something special for you. Right now I’m utilising done for systems. All I had to do was buy the tools, and have somebody else create and provide a money making system which include opt-in pages, sales pages, emails campaigns to put into my own autoresponder.

All I have to do is concentrate on driving traffic to my website and I make money from selling the system and believe it or not selling all the tools that I taught you about and earning commissions from all different companies.

What if I could give you away of getting all this together with training how to target hungry buyers that want to buy whatever you have on offer?

Does making a thousands and thousands of dollars every month all of a sudden sound possible to you have a system like this was available to you? Well we have you covered and we will leave no stone unturned. We want you to be successful.

If you think that’s for you, just hit the button below where my friend and mentor Vick Strizhaus will tell you exactly what we have on offer and how you can get involved to create the income and results that you’ve always dreamed for you and your family.

So click the link below and Vick will take over from there…

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Success is waiting for you:

 - Francisco Linares

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This article was published on 29.10.2016 by Francisco Linares
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