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Imagine this scenario - you just joined an online company with fantastic products because you want to earn a second income,  get extra income for your retirement, or give up a boring day job - maybe you even got made redundant.

But the problem is, you don't have the first idea about how you should go about promoting your new opportunity. So you badger your friends, spam everyone you know on Facebook, and maybe join Twitter or Pinterest.  But what to do next?

Or how about scenario 2. You know there is money to be made online, but you don't really know how or where to get started. You don't even know what to promote just yet and maybe you could use some experienced advice. But, who should you ask? Who can you trust not to get you into a scam?

Here's the thing. There is one asset that internet marketers need and most newbies don't have a clue how to acquire and that is a list of people who might be interested in your product or opportunity.

You also need the help and guidance of experienced marketers who can advise you on what to avoid and what are the best opportunities out there and what the essential marketing tools are.

I have an answer to these dilemmas. You need to get access to the best training, and guidance about the tools that you need to build your list. There is plenty of 'advice' out there, but many marketing self-styled 'gurus' want to charge hundreds if not thousands of dollars for their so called secrets and the fact is, most newbie marketers don't have a lot of cash to get their business started.

My marketing mentor has been in network marketing for many years and has been associated with some top opportunities. She has built a massive list around providing the sort of training that new marketers need and can also provide an income.

The best part of her offer is that even if you HAVE a great product, it doesn't matter if everyone on your team joins it, because your income will arrive from a bunch of different sources. There are multiple tools that you will need to run your business and each of these tools is an income possibility in itself.

You don't have to join them all to start with. There are some that you just cannot do without, but these are going to cost you no more than $40 US a month and the training itself is free - yes totally free.

If you do have a product or service to promote straight away, there is a built in method so everyone who joins your team can see what it is, and you can contact them easily to tell them more.

There is a Skype group where you can get help and advice from other members and weekly training webinars and are mostly recorded, so you will find a big library of topics covering all the skills you need to acquire.  

Here is where you get started - and you will find me waiting to welcome you to my team and point you in the right direction.  


This article was published on 22.10.2015 by Jenny Fletcher
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