Auxano It's a multi level contribution system where every one in the system is expected to contribute to each others success.

All that is needed from you is to invest 11k one off payment and invite 3people to do the same. That's all u need to do .

This is how u pay the 11k..... you donate 1k each to 8 different people (the money is paid by you directly into their bank acct) then you pay 3k for your own 3 invitation certificate. You are to use the certificate to invite 3 of your friends to join

That's all you do. Then as your friends also use their 3 certificate to invite others , monies will be paid directly into your account by those invited by your friends

When you pay 11k and invite 3 of your friends, As those 3 friends also pay you will receive 3k paid directly into your account by your friends

That's level 1. As your friends also invite 3 other people each with their certificate, which amount to 9 people. You will receive 9k directly paid into your account.

That takes you level 2.

For level 3... as the 9 people invited by your 3friends also invite 3ple each you will receive 27k directly paid into your account by the 27ple

That's level 3

Pls note At the completion of level 3 you get a free tab from auxano

Then for level 4 now u have 27ple under u from level 3. When the 27ple also invite 3ple each you will receive 81k paid directly into your account

That's takes u to level 5. For 243k

Also note that at level 4 for 81k you get a free laptop as gift

For level 5 you have 81ple inviting 3 each and that comes to 243k that will be paid into your account. Pls a free gift ,42" flat screen TV set.

That takes u to level 6.

At level 6 you have 243 pple inviting 3each you get 729k paid directly into your account. At this level you also get a free 1 week holiday within Nigeria

That's takes you to level 7. At level 7 you have 729 pple inviting 3 pple each and you receive 2.187m paid into your account. Plus a free one week holiday to SA or Dubai all expense paid trip.

That takes you to level 8... at level 8 you have 2187pple inviting 3pple each and you receive 6.561m paid directly into your account. Plus a brand new car given to you by auxano.

This is the final level and after receiving your car you are expected to leave the system. For this is the exit level.

Afte which you can decide to start all over again or just go and enjoy your money and car. 

There is no stagnation in the system as you are only to invite those who are willing and ready to pay 11k and invite 3 pple to do the same and every invitee has a timeline of 2 weeks to pay. 

For more explanation you can attend our free seminar every Saturday @Dews Cinema Festac plot 1, 202rd 2nd Avenue Festac town. 

This article was published on 14.09.2016 by Gbenga Showunmi
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