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Karatbars best SCAM Review

Ever wondered if Karatbars is a SCAM or a Ponzi scheme?

Did you hear somebody tell you that they sell overpriced gold dust?

Hear the story in this article at this very minute!!!!!!!!!!

Who is Karatbars?

Karatbars International is a business established by an individual named Harald Seiz that has a no debt balance sheet. It was founded in 2011 and is now reaching 121 different locations worldwide. The vision behind Karatbars is simple, the current currency is so unstable, that the only way to own a secure savings plan in the 21st century is to start owning physical gold. Behind this goal stands barriers that separate the masses from owning physical gold stored locally, insured in storage or in vault.

Has Karatbars anything going against it?

In fact, no Karatbars has nothing to feel in fault of. It has been audited and its accounting is sound. Its been audited by the AMF in Quebec Canada and found to be not guilty of the charges against it. In fact, Karatbars has set the standard to deliver only the purest, most certified and accredited gold out there. This really really feels like a wind of fresh air.

The products:

Karatbars is introducing sealed bullion inside paper currency or currency grade cards in fractions of 0.1 to 5 gram bars. By looking at prices around online in retail locations, you will find that you won't find the same kind of gold elsewhere for the same price. Most people who has been disregarding Karatbars gold are people who are uneducated about Kinebar certification, the LBMA stamp and the difference between the spot price of gold and real physical gold delivered that is on a private goods delivery list.

Without any minimum purchase, you could be entitled to the price listed on our website with no extra fees but shipping.

Karatbars is unique, it offers you absolutely free storage, an exchange program for vendors, an online gold sending platform, a buyback price and the opportunity to open a free affiliate web store too.

Making money with Karatbars

Before you start thinking that I will invent a story to deceive you in any point. Please consider that joining the affiliate program is free and compensate you with 4 of the 7 ways of making money with no fees ever! If it's free to join and start making money, how could it possibly scam people of their investment like some would say? It's impossible to create a ponzi sheme without initial investments if the price stays the same for each participant! Don't listen to people that just want to post a couple ads and make youtube profits, this is a total aversion of what the free speech is meant to implicate.

The amazing 4 potential free ways of making money as an affiliate with no fees are:

A direct commission on gold of up to 6% on direct customers and affiliates savings

An overriding commission of up to 6% on the difference on direct affiliate sales

Shares on the worldwide turnovers

Free gold

An amazing 6 weeks fast track double commission on metal 3d imprinted cards sold (30 euros each)

There are 3 optional ways to make money with Karatbars, to be eligible to receive them forever without any other fees and minimum sales or purchases, you will have to purchase a Marketing Package. Packages range from Bronze , Silver, Gold and VIP level. Obtaining you a cycle growing from 10 euros on the dual teams cycles to 40 euros, 60 euros and 80 euros for VIP. A commission on non gold item ranging from 5% to 20% is allocated to package owners and an unlimited team incentive points based bonus plan is unlocked forever.

Packages do contain: discount cards of 3% on gold for a year, 100 euros discount cards, gold, a pin and brochures

Karatbars scam ponzi scheme

Final score: Perfect


Completely impressive platform, products and services with decent price.

For more information, visit our page at

Still want to be a simple customer? Visit our shop here

This article was published on 10.10.2017 by Francois-Pierre Galarneau
Member comments:

Candido Rodriguez Great announcement, Ive been with Karatbars for 4 years now. Love their platform.  5 years ago
Terry Bailes I am also a Karatbars Affiliate! Nice Job of presenting the business!  5 years ago

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