Build Your Business Using Emails - How I Have Used It

One thing you may hear often is - "The money is in the list"

But do you really know what that means? Do you understand it well enough, to be building a list? Or do you even know where to start on list building?

No worries, because I am going to explain what it really means, how it works, why it's powerful, and how you can begin building a list to promote your business today.


Simply a list of names and email addresses. 

Of course, it is not just a list of all your contacts inside your gmail or yahoo email contacts. 

It is a list of people who have "opted-in" to an offer that is targeted or related to what you sell. So this way all the names and emails, belong to people who have an interest in what you sell, or your company and/or opportunity.


If you can't tell already, the list is powerful

Another reason it is needed, is because you can simply write one email, and all your subscribers get it. Instead of writing an email to each person, or being spammed by free email accounts like gmail, for sending out to many emails.

You need to get an autoresponder first. I use the most popular of all AWeber (get it here)

Now you can use other landing pages, webinar registrants, and several tools that will integrate into AWeber, meaning you never have to see the email, or know the address. It just loads into it when someone wants your free "weight loss tips" ebook.

Now, the more email addresses you get, the faster you can get sells, and signups. Simply by writing one email.

No worries about placing names in the emails either. You can have the email put the prospects name in the email, and it will place their name (each email) and change up that spot in the email to fit the right name. Meaning even though you wrote only one email, every person sees it as a personal written email directly to them.


Once you see and know the power of using a list, it has you wishing you would of started it sooner. 

The list continues to grow. You learn new ways of adding new names and emails to it. Sooner or later, it begins getting results like mine.

Imagine if every time you wrote an email, you made at least a sale.

Some emails may get several low item sells?

Webinars are always packed out when you invite people.

New signups into your opportunity begin to happen on a regular basis, as people are reading your emails, and becoming more and more interested in being on your team.

These are the advantages, just a few to be exact, of using a list. You can start by taking the names and emails you already have, and adding them to it. If a person is not wanting to be on the list, or decides they no longer want your emails, they can simply remove themselves with a click.


As mentioned above, it starts with getting AWeber. (most trusted, highest inbox delivery rate, integrates with all tools online)

Then you need to get a tool, or offer to capture names and emails. Here is a few things I personally use to get emails:

  • Offer on my website (free pdf)
  • Customized funnels (I create funnels with product offers, giveaways, and recorded training)
  • Landing pages (similar to funnels, and I have hundreds of different offers that are not my own)
  • Banner ads (leads to funnels and capture pages)
  • Writing content on other platforms (kind of like this, it gets a lot of leads when used right)
  • Videos (adding links into the description)

Plus there are other ways to get names and emails. As a matter of fact, it isn't very hard to do at all, and is a great starting place to online marketing.


You can go out and buy several different tools to build your own website, build your own custom funnels and landing pages, create your own offers to giveaway, etc.

But the best way of doing this, is to get it all in one spot.

And of course get commissions using it (duh)

I highly recommend using the "My Lead System Pro" 

Using this offers you:

  • Your own website (pre-set to have top SEO features built in - by Wordpress)
  • Product websites (Wordpress also - SEO as well all ready to help you get discovered in the search engines)
  • Customized Funnels (big advantage - place your own images, videos, comments, etc into your funnels)
  • Giveaway product rights (you can giveaway any of the trainings, products, or offers they give out - about 50 or more to choose from)
  • 100% Re-sale rights (get 100% of selected product offers to sell to your list, and keep it all. Created by top earners in other companies, and top internet experts - great for extra commissions)
  • All integrated with AWeber
  • Marketing Strategies Library (everything you can imagine about MLM and internet marketing found inside - all training taught by the experts of each strategy - proven 7 figure earner training)
  • Tracking - track what funnels work, and where they are and aren't working
  • Customized links - change the name of a link
  • CRM - top of the line customer relationship manager to keep up with all your prospects
  • Both high ticket and low ticket offers - generate massive leads and sales with both low ticket products, and high ticket sales (upwards of $1,000 per result)
  • Top of the line lead generation - no program in the world as of now can generate you more targeted leads than this system
  • Create customized Facebook apps - great for lead generation on Facebook

Plus many more advantages of marketing your MLM business

My Lead System Pro has created more 6 and 7 figure earners than any platform around, and most of the people you follow, used or still uses the system to get to that point.

GRAB A TEST DRIVE HERE of the MLSP system, and begin opening up a new world, and building a list larger than you could ever imagine possible. 


If you now see the power of list building, and how it can change the direction of your business, please leave a comment below and share.

This article was published on 12.03.2016 by Jaye Carden
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