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Hi everyone,  my name is Marjorie Mata. As I written before, I have been into Marketing for a while, and it has been good for me. Now this is not the case for everyone,  unfortunately. Why? Many factors,  it could be lack of commitment, bad company with little support,  complicated structures but the one 90% of the time is lack of money to invest. As everyone knows, the worse people to sale to is friends or family, these people would be more enticed to join if they see you taking off, but if you're desperately selling to them its a major turn off. So you have to prospect out of your circle,  whether its PPC, Solo Ads, Facebook ads, Instagram whatever your choice  its still MONEY ! You need to have a stream of money coming in to reinvest. ALWAYS  remember the 30% rule, you have to invest 30% to make that 70% no matter what the company. I have consistently added 3 new members a day in my Digital Altitude system, how? Well I network a lot but I also spend on Ads. But as any good Marketer will tell you, you have to have more then one stream of income.  Thats why I have Exitus, since this system is 100% percent Ad FREE! You make $1000 every client Instantly! You dont get paid in a week or even in days, you make it IMMEDIATELY. So it keeps the flow of cash everyday so you can reinvest in our other Affiliate programs. Its very simple, i joined 2 weeks ago and have made $16,000 Ads free! This system is so turn key, that they provide, Landing Pages, the scripts, the training and the mentoring. It is very important for everyone to have a good mentor, if you dont there are high odds for you to fail. This company is set up with Darren Little, a very well know marketer who in just a few months has almost made close to a Million dollars. There is a known fact, the rule of 6, you hang around 5 successful people you will be the 6th, you hang around 5 losers you will be the 6th, you hand around 5 Millionaires you will be the 6th. NOW, Join   So if you would like to to know about this fantastic system add me on Facebook or join here additionally you can email me here or at my personal email
This article was published on 08.08.2016 by marjorie mata
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