How To Create A Plan That Will Build You A MLM Team Fast

One of the largest problems that network marketers have is they do not know what steps to take everyday to build a team.

Each day they spend more time thinking about what they need to do, instead of doing an action that can get them business.

Today's announcement will cover some ideas to help you create a plan to build a MLM team much faster than most people can.

Active Prospecting

Active prospecting is where you go directly to the people, and ask if they are open to looking at your business presentation.

This is one of the most producing activities you can do.

You need to have time set out each day to directly contact new people, and have it as the most important part of the plan.

Usually you need to do this in the hours in which people are not asleep, and are available to speak with.

Everyday I set out a few hours to call new people and "get a feel" of each prospect.

Passive Prospecting

Passive prospecting is like a Facebook post.

You are putting out an advertisement of some kind, hoping an unnamed individual will respond.

This action is less productive, but it is important to do a lot of it.

Take the hours in which it may be too late or early to call prospects, and work on these style marketing activities.

Remember, it takes a lot of posts, ads, banners, and so forth to get a response. So look for the best way for you to go about this.

Content Creation

One of the most effective forms of passive marketing is blogging, videos, and creating content like this business announcement.

Putting out massive amounts of content will result in getting a lot of leads.

Find time in your daily plan of action, to put out content to reach more and more people.

The more often you write valuable content, the faster you get at it. The more of it you put out.

Focus on getting a blog, an article, and a video out every day in your plan and in a few months you will not even realize the amount of leads coming in would be so much.

Content can bring in results years after you create it, without having to sink money into it. So you need to have a plan to get content out at a regular pace.

Paid Advertising

This is the part many network marketers want to avoid.

But avoiding this step in the plan is a bad idea.

Paid advertising will help a lot at getting new leads coming in, and helping your content to grow it's audience.

Social media ads, classified ads, solo ads, all come in as paid advertising.

Paid advertising is very effective when done properly, and when you stop paying for it, it stops coming in.

This is why paid advertising should be equal every week at the highest level you can afford. But also, working on content creation.

Use All Four Strategies Everyday

By putting those 4 style approaches, or strategies into each and every work day, you will begin seeing a MLM team build quickly.

You hold the keys to the plan, as your schedule must fit all 4 into it along with your other daily activities you must do.

Those who put in a lot of hours working on prospecting actively, passive prospecting, creating content and using a paid advertising source, will be the ones who rank advance in their companies.

Never spend a day again wondering what would be the best approach to getting new team members.

Did This Help?

If this gives you an idea of what you must do to build a MLM team fast, then please leave a comment below. Also be sure to send me a connection request, and I will for sure accept it.

P.S Want to see all 4 of the steps above in my plan work? Take this free tour and you will see how fast I am building my own team, which can be yours too. If you like what you see, then keep it.

This article was published on 06.07.2018 by Jaye Carden
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