The 4 Mistakes To Avoid As An Mlm Newbies.

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Mistake #1: Sponsor & up-line.. In spite of all the promotion and fluff we may hear and see from our possible sponsor or up-line, it is immensely necessary that we find out certain things regarding this person or persons. 

There are several of these gurus who are only transient opportunists who are continually looking for the newest best deal, or the next budding Mlm Newbies whom they can take to  the cleaners by taking advantage of. 

Some of them charade themselves as big pin experts with a great group which they have  most likely traveled with for the latter five to ten years, hopping from company to  company, looking for the Mlm Newbies.

To prevent these con artists, the Mlm Newbies must to go in depth and speak with several of their other noteworthy generals, and find out how long they have been in the industry and what level of help, coaching and leadership or relationship building they received from  their up-line.

Mistake #2: The Company.. If we do not get involved with the correct company, we may be in for a lot of disappointment, and perhaps we too, may be an early drop-out, and joint the high attrition rate in this industry. 

With all the hype, some will try to recruit us into companies which are just getting  established in the industry, and the buzz words will be to "Get In On The Ground Floor".  While this may appear to be inviting, we had best keep in mind this up-start companies  might not have the experience, the skills, the true comprehending of the industry, or the management team who can function with each other and have the complete commitment needed, for long term success, or challenges. 

The above questions may or might not be answered in a positive manner, and for the most part the initial five years will make or break all the hard work and dollars we may have invested.

Mistake #3: The Product Line...We absolutely need to take a really conscientious look at the product line of this company. 

Are these products monthly consumables which are vital to the health and wellness of the masses? Or are they highly priced items where we will have to find a different customer each day, or each new month? 

If we are going to develop long-term residual cash flow, we have got to have products which are essentially needed by the masses, which they will need to use each day. Thus we will have to produce a one time sale, and our customer will continue purchasing from our company, month after month, after month, without us having to make delivery of these products. Or what if we can offer a product which is needed daily, by the masses,  Globally which actually increase The Velocity of Real Money

Mistake #4: The Training Program of duplication... Finally all Mlm Newbies had better get involved with a system of simple duplication which anybody can doubtlessly use. Others will say duplication is over rated but what do you think have companies like McDonald so powerful. Yes, duplication. A very basic system of duplication even school kids can learn, duplicate and teach. 

Just a month ago a leading home base business company in the U.S. hit their initial billion  dollar in sales after about 28 yrs. Now, not many home base business companies will by any chance hit a billion dollars in sales. Would you believe that their main system of  training their members is by using a basic system of duplication, quite identical to the  system we would like to offer to you?

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This article was published on 09.11.2016 by Victor Graham
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