Saivian has just recently celebrated 1 year Anniversary at the end of October 2016 and is already making waves in the Network Marketing Space.  Competing within the space of Facebook and Google, providing Marketers and Advertisers with the data they require to make sound investments.  Saivian has also stepped into Marketing Research Data to purchase our everyday shopping receipts and repay us 20% cashback each and every time in exchange for the Point of Sale info on our receipts.   This Company thinks it will disrupt Facebook and Google's earnings, thus this approach, to provide like Facebook and Google in relation to background info and they also think that their data will be much more valuable to these advertisers thanks to Consumers like us who provide them with our receipts to enable them to accomplish the Company's objectives and goals, which in return, they pay us for helping them.   It's that simple.   Then for sharing this good news, which is marketing at its best, Saivian pays us daily as per the Compensation Plan and still 20% cashback, as mentioned above on all our submitted receipts...WIN WIN SITUATION, I think, dont you?

Saivian has proven to be one of the easiest online Business on the Market today as you can do the things you do on a regular or everyday basis, such as shop at your favorite supermarkets and stores and make a regular income while you do that.   In addition, Saivian also offers cashbacks on Travel as well.   Your only responsibility is keep proper records of all your receipts.

Over the years, I have been searching for online and home businesses that can allow me to quit my 9 to 5 job and be financially free, but unfortunately, none has offered me the stability and success that I have been looking for.    Some of the online businesses that I have been involved in, promised to offer the world to you once you get a certain amount of people signed up and then they duplicate, but the major problem is that everyone does not put in the equal amount of work, which means that you will never reach your target. However, with Saivian, our success mainly depends on us doing our regular activities such as shopping, travelling and sharing this opportunity to your friends and families.   

You can click on my website below if you wish to join or get more information:

You can also view the Saivian Presentation by clicking the link below:

Looking forward to seeing you all on board and building a team together to change lives.

This article was published on 08.11.2016 by Troy Bartley
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Saivian - Cashback, Business, 125 USD to join

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