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When I first heard about Lifewave it was through a doctor that helped me while I was healing from triple negative ductal carcinoma, (breast cancer). The first thing I thought was "wow, they figured it out." This product has changed a lot of how we see healing in our bodies. These small patches reflect the light our bodies naturally emit back to us and this causes an increase in something called copper peptides and a bunch more mumbo jumbo which all break down to a change in my life and my body forever.

I was hit by a car when I was a young girl and it has caused recurring disc issues in my lower back at L4 to S1. At one point I was unable to stand from any sitting position without having to pull myself up. But since Lifewave's X39 patch and the Aeon patch which I wore religiously for three months I can stand up from a sitting position without needing to pull myself up or have support and the pain has gone from a 10 most of the time to 2 and even 0 sometimes.

I started immediately as a Brand Partner under a very strong and fast building group called the Quantum Team. I am looking for leaders and builders who want to be in a business that is building fast. They went from four million in 2019 to twenty million in 2022.  

I want Brand Partners and Builders to join my team and experience our training and fast growth process. Take a look at X39 patches here and really get a feel for what Lifewave is building and has built.

When I found Lifewave it was also an answer to a prayer I had about more than just my own healing and financial dreams. As a thirty year licensed massage therapist who can no longer use my hands to heal people I was thrilled to find something I could share with people that I believed in equally to my own massage skills. The patches do not enter the body, they are Non transdermal. The light is you and your body creates the healing experience on its own. This is so powerful and exactly why I am so excited about building this company more than it already is. I truly believe and I think you will too, that Lifewave may just be how we heal in the future.

Please check out this amazing video. Listen to the first twenty minutes and prepare to be blown away.

Then go to my website and reach out to me when you are ready to enroll so I can guide you to the most profitable business start. You can begin as a member for $0 and if you wish to grow the business become a Brand Partner and start your very own Lifewave business for $25.00.

So lets "Light the way" for ourselves and our tribes.  

This article was published on 03.02.2024 by Roxanne Brown
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Lifewave - health, 25 USD to join
Affordable light therapy that stimulates stem cell growth and helps ease signs of aging.

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