My name is Jacqui Everett and I am a Wellness Concierge. I help create healthy bodies, minds, spirits, and finances. I have been a Healthcare Professional for over 35 years & have been a Nurse for 30 years. I found out about this wonderful product, Iaso Tea while having lunch with a group of ladies this past winter. We were planning a trip to visit "The Islands" in the summer and was discussing ways to get our bodies "Beach Ready." One of my lunch companions suggested drinking Iaso Tea. I heard a little about Iaso Tea but was not well informed, so I immediately rejected her suggestion. Then she says, "Girl, that stuff really works! The Iaso Tea is not only a detox, you also lose weight!" I said "Really? Where can I get this stuff from?" She put me in contact with her friend who was a distributor. I purchased the Iaso Tea (from the person who is now my sponsor) at her home. I tried it out and was very pleased with the results. I WAS LOSING WEIGHT! I went on my sponsor's website to order some more tea because I had only purchased a weeks worth at the time (I wanted to try it first). While trying to order a month supply of tea, I clicked on "Join" instead of "Shop" and accidently signed up to become an Independent Business Owner. When I realized what I did, I heard my Pastors voice saying "That was no accident; that was meant to be." I HAVE NO REGRETS! As a result of that mistake, I had the opportunity to try ALL of the products, partner with some fantastic people, lose lots of weight, and make some extra money in the process.The  products and supplements  I promote and distribute are all natural and beneficial for your mind and body. If you would like to lose weight, gain weight, control dis-ease processes, want a healthier lifestyle, or are trying to obtain financial freedom, feel free to email me at financialfreedomwithjacqui@gmail.com. This business opportunity is excellent for Stay-at-home Moms and others who require flexibility. You can make as little or as much as you like; full-time or part-time; from $500 a week to $5000 a week. Who can't use an extra $500 in their pocket every week? The Choice Is Yours! LET ME HELP YOU CHANGE YOUR LIFE! www.financialfreedomwithjacqui.com

This article was published on 29.07.2016 by Jacqueline Everett
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