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At last. A business that everybody can easily do. Even your customers earn money

I have what I now believe to be the perfect home based business opportunity. One where you, your friends, your family and your workmates are already involved. You just don’t realise it yet.

When you leave the house on a daily basis you make sure you have your keys and your phone. 

That is everybody I know does that and I’m sure that you do as well. Now on your phone ( unless it is a very old one ) you have apps. Everything today is an app. Banking, navigation, fitness trackers and of course SHOPPING.

We pay for purchases with an app. We have our loyalty cards on an app. We even play games on an app. We socialise on them. ( oh look next door have a new kitten )

All of these apps have one thing in common. They need location services enabled to function correctly. At least that is what we believe. The realistic part is these apps use location services to gather data. Data about you. Where you have been, what shop you went in, where you had lunch. Your data is valuable.

Big companies pay a lot of money for your data. You get ? NOTHING.  Not a cent. Doesn’t seem fair does it ?

Well that is all changing now. Let me introduce Tapestri. Check it out here

Tapestri is a free to download App that everybody should have. Simply by activating it and letting it run your friends and family can earn up to $25.00 dollars each and every month. Simply for going about their daily business. Now that’s cool. But there is more. They share the app with their friends and for every friend who has the app they earn another dollar a month. Share with 25 friends that is up to $50.00 a month extra.

Simply for downloading a free App. But it gets even better for you. Become an Affiliate.

We have a brilliant business plan where entrepreneurs like yourself can join as an Affiliate for just $9.95 a month. You then also get paid on the data just like your customers, but you earn down 2 levels. 

Nice easy business. But you can also get 50% check match on these 2 levels. Seriously.

So to recap, your customers build your business. Every time a customer shares the app you also earn. You build a team and earn a lot more and build a long term business. Your customers can upgrade in the app to Affiliates.

This is undoubtedly the best opportunity around. Why not take a look at it now. Register as affiliate now.

Then start earning from doing exactly what you are doing now. Click here

This article was published on 01.10.2021 by Roy Hale
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Sharon Wilton This sounds like a wonderful opportunity. Doing what we're already doing.  10 months ago

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