Join a Brand New Company That's Going to go Public (IPO)! Don’t Get Left Behind!

Yes! We are Going to Go Public! And, You have the Opportunity to get Part Ownership!!

But first, ask yourself: What is your ‘Motivation’ for wanting to Make More Money?

I am looking for people who are really serious about wanting to change the quality of their life and their family’s lives by building what could be a very lucrative business from home. Can you see yourself making that kind of money? Well, it’s going to take a little work. But, it’s easy to work! What are the things below that you do right now?

1. Do you travel and how much?

2. Do you have a cell phone?

3. Do you or anyone take prescribed medicine?

4. Do you have a mortgage?

5. Do you like to eat out at restaurants?

What is rNetwork?

The rNetwork is a subion-based marketplace that shares its revenue with its members through a ‘Network Marketing model’. In other words, you get paid on people that come in below you 10 levels deep with a monthly residual. You get paid on all Charter Members that come into your network whether you enrolled them or not!

rNetwork offers savings and discounts products and Concierge services people can use to save money. We are in 80+ countries and we are getting paid commissions when other people save money by using the purchasing power of the rNetwork.

This is about plugging into multi-billion dollar industries and getting a piece of that pie. And, getting paid every time someone saves on certain items. See more info by clicking on the link below:

CharterSaverClub (phone# is optionable unless you want to receive texts)

We share our savings by telling others and there’s ‘NO SELLING’. As a Charter Member, You get paid commissions when people save. These are some of the kind of products where you can get your savings:

1. Discounts at local stores, shops, restaurants, and services

2. Discounts having exclusive travel rates,

3. Preion discount cards for both humans and pets, saving you up to 85% off on your preions.

There are also the Concierge services that we get paid from when others save: 

4. Auto buying services.

5. Cell phone services

6. Mortgage services

7. And more! This is just the beginning! They have so many NEW products coming down the line that will pay us too.

My Team and Training:  

My team is 8,000+ members strong and is the best team in the industry. It includes Free training from our Master Trainers. The 14-day free course teaches you all you need to know about marketing and growing this business including how to market on Social Media. I will be your sponsor and will help to get you on board. You won't be left alone.

More Info

*It’s $68.00 to start and $38 for the month of January. After launching in February, it will go up to $50/month. Believe me, that’s pretty cheap to own your own business of this size and caliber and what we get! They do so much for us to ensure our success! 

You can also sign up for Free as a FANN and just have a look around the site and Upgrade to a Charter Member from there when you are ready.

Would you be open to an opportunity like this? We plan to be around for a long, long time. You’ve found a home here with us. 

Get back to me for more information.


If you’re ready to join right now, go to rNetwork

Don’t wait! Become a Charter Member today! 


This article was published on 24.01.2020 by Wanda Cooper
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