My Top MLM Recruiting Tip

Today, I want to share my top MLM recruiting tip with you.

We are a weird industry. We typically don't do what other industries do. I have never understood WHY. It's like the blind leading the blind.

To make my point, I'd like to share a simple parable.

The Story of the Hockey Coach

Let's assume you are a professional hockey coach. You are trying to build a winning team. You have several open spots on your roster. You need a new goalie and two new defensemen.

If you were trying to fill these vacant positions, would you go out and look for people who have never played hockey before? Would you approach your broke, negative Uncle Larry about your open spots?

Would you take the average person off the street and spend 10-years trying to teach them how to be good at hockey, hoping they would become a good hockey player?

Heck, I hope not!

Would you approach basketball players? What about soccer players?

If you did ANY of those things you would more than likely be FIRED as the coach, and rightfully so! To most people, this parable makes sense.

What Most Network Marketers Do

However, network marketers do the complete opposite. Rather than trying to recruit people with network marketing experience, they approach family, friends and non-business minded people.

As a result, they don't get very good results. Why? Because most of these people are NOT in their target market. Most of these people do not believe in the industry, nor do they have the skills or attitude or mindset to succeed in our industry.

What I Suggest You Do

This is why I ONLY talk to people with prior network marketing experience. They are already sold on the industry. They've already received SOME training. They have some basic skills.

No, I don't try to go pillage people from other companies, but I do keep my eyes and ears open for free agents. I look for MLM Reps who no longer have a company to work with or they are unsatisfied with their current company.

I encourage you to do the same thing in your business. Approaching just 10 people with network marketing experience would be better than approaching 100 people without any experience.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, my top recruiting tip is to only recruit other network marketers: current and former network marketers. This is the fastest and easiest way to build a big team.

And anyone who tells you this is unethical is crazy. It's not unethical in any other industry or profession. If you aren't doing it, you should be.

About the Author

Chuck Holmes is an author, blogger, top recruiter, and network marketing professional.

This article was published on 19.09.2019 by Chuck Holmes
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