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$50 Start up amount

For me its very important to check the start up amount and check if my team will afford it, and tick it was affordable. Imagine partnering yourself with a company were it will be hard for you to grow your business, not the case with LiveGood.

$10 Monthly Membership Fee

The monthly membership fee is what keeps the business alive, which was another tick to check to avoid building a team that will die due to the high monthly membership fee. $10 was also an affordable amount for my circle.

Selling Products

Now this was a cherry on top being in a product company that doesn't force you to sell its products . Its totally your choice to sell or not but ooh wait personally i couldn't resist buying them for myself then selling it to anyone who cared to ask. 100% organic supplements who doesn't want that in their daily life. Did i mention affordability, the products are so affordable anyone can buy them. 


Thats $25 in your pocket for every person you refer to the company. Imagine a company that pays you 50% of the money used by a member to sign up. What more can one ask for in a company, it keeps on your toes recruiting like there is no tomorrow.


Now this is just a wow, yes i can recruit but there are people who cant and the powerline benefits everyone. The powerline works according to time stamp, it places the people who joined after you below you and this were one can make up to $2000 per month without recruiting. You dont wait for your earnings to accumulate to the last level, as long as the filled leves make up $60 you get paid. The minimum payment amount is $60.

50% Matching Bonus

Here you earn when any downliner introduced by me when they earn from their matrix levels i also earn, how about that, what a generous and selfless company we are all getting a piece of the pie.

Those who cant recruit monthly, while those who can get paid every Thursday without fail. Recruiting has never been this easy with Livegood why because they are part of the process. Once some pre enrols on your website, they keep remind and showing them what position they are in the matrix and the people who have joined after them through emails. They also give you tips on how to grow your business and constantly hold webinars to keep you updated on whats happening in the company.

Be sure not to miss big part of this great opportunity.

Contact me directly for assistance


Take a free tour and position yourself now!!

This article was published on 24.03.2023 by Lorraine 'lolo' Sibanda
Author's business opportunity:

LiveGood - Nutrition and Health, 50 USD to join
Earn up to $2000 per month in the comfort of your home, without referring anyone. Refer 2 people and double your monthly earnings. Not only does LiveGood offer you wealth but health as well

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