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Endless $100 Bills to Infinity!

I want to tell you about the most exciting opportunities I've seen a long long time.

It's called "legends VIP Network" 2500 channels, 4000 movies and every language in every country!

I was paying $130 a month our families cable TV when I found more channels for a lot less!

So I reduce my cable bill from $1560 a year to $240 a year!

There are 200,000 people in the city of Portland, Oregon that is also paying over $100 a month for their cable.

It's a pretty easy sell once they understand what they get and how much is going to cost them! 

They're willing to make the deal.

Our cable company had five or six channels and Spanish. 

This streaming service has over 200 channels in Spanish all of the HBO's, Showtimes, everything, all the sports channels, all in Spanish.

You can imagine how this would go through the Latino neighborhoods like a giant wave of people cutting their cable and saving $1000's a year!

You can download it onto your phone, laptop, or PC or you can download it onto a fire stick and once it's on the fire stick you can take the fire stick with you wherever you go. As long as you have the Internet you can just plug it right into the back of the TV at the hotel at the motel. 

Now you might be asking what where the endless $100 bills come from? That's the magic of the whole thing!

To join Legends VIP Network $147 to the company and put the $100 bill in our pocket. 

Then there's the one up so to qualify so that I can make money from this I need to give my first sale to my sponsor that's my one up. Now that I've done that I can start making money on my own because I am now the Master Distributor.

 There's no question it's one of the best pay plans I've ever seen. It generates more money. You get to the point where you don't have to do any work anymore everybody else doing the work for you while all your doing sitting back and managing the one-ups as they come in imagine if you brought in 50 people you would have 10 or 15 one up at every day  Thousands and $1500 every day from people you don't even know people that are just going to say I understand that I need to give $147 to you and then that person owes a one up. 

To fully understand please watch this video:

Get back to me We'll get you started!

Coach James

This article was published on 04.03.2019 by James Seal
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