60 Referrals in 30 Days: A New Milestone!

Having referrals for any kind of business a dream for money. Yet a reality for a few. Those who get referrals do they have special skills? what do they really do? especially those in network marketing. If your business is not getting fresh leads and referrals on a daily basis then chances are that you may not benefit the commissions. Today I will share a story.

A story of referrals that changed the way I look at the internet forever

One morning, I woke up to read some blog posts as usual (you can read the story click here to read her full story about getting 60 referrals in 30 days) there was this story of a lady who shared how she set some challenges to go on referring people to her primary business. As I read through I had to learn a few things about her which I will be going to break down below. I take these as business lessons in my online entrepreneurship journey.

1.    Leaders set goals

According to this lady, her goals were to hit 30 referrals in 30 days. She passed that to hit 60 referrals. I remember reading one of her blog posts when she had said to herself wants to hit 30 referrals. This means before she achieved her goal she has to set them before. So leaders set goals. A questions for you, When last did you set goals?

2.    Teamwork makes the dream work

Reading her story I realized that there were over 200 comments. What does this mean? Some comments were words of encouragement and some were cheering her up. The community that she belongs to has given her some sort of motivation to go for her goals. I am sure her success is a result of the people around her. If you want to make this work have a team around you. A questions for you, Do you have people who support you around you?

3.    Share your imaginations with like-minded people

Sharing your ideas, dream, imaginations with like-minded people is a recipe for success. I have been around a number of people and I can safely say people think, see things differently. Along the journey of internet marketing, I have met people who gave me words of hope. Encouragement to me is more than money. Question for you, Do you share your ideas with people that support you ?

4.    Strategies and take action

Reading her story I realized that in order to get to her goals of referring people she had to make plans to for videos, blog posts almost on a regular basis. Which she has done so. What does this mean? We all have dreams, ideas, plans, hopes as long as we don’t take action towards our plans and ideas we will not see results it's that simple. A questions for you, Do you set startegies and take action?


I have been inspired by the story of this lady, It gave me another reason to step up my plans and strategies to get the results I need. It's possible to find referrals anywhere.

I would appreciate hearing from you. People leave a comment below this so that we can connect.

To your success.


This article was published on 12.05.2019 by Kudakwashe Sape Tshuma
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