Promoting Your Affiliate Marketing Business with Postcards

Affiliate marketing is very popular. Many people are making full-time incomes via affiliate marketing, while others are still trying to learn the ropes, crack the code and make their first sale.  

The key to success with affiliate marketing is to have an in demand offer AND high quality, targeted traffic. The people who make big money with affiliate marketing are masters at traffic generation. 

Traffic is key. Without a tsunami of high quality traffic seeing your affiliate offer every single day, you are doomed for failure.

While most people try to promote their affiliate marketing offers online, I believe there is a simpler, cheaper, and more effective way. That method is postcard marketing.

Yes, postcard marketing. Mailbox money in a digital world. What a concept!

Postcards are very effective and affordable. You can have quality postcards printed for less than 3 cents each. You can buy good leads on peel n stick labels for about 7 cents each. And postcard stamps are currently 35 cents each. That comes out to about 45 cents per postcard.

While that might sound expensive to some of you, I think it’s a great deal. When I advertise online, I normally pay more than 45 cents for one click. For example, when I do solo ads, I often pay 50 cents or more per click.

What I have found with online advertising is that it is busy, crowded and competitive. Internet advertising has a short shelf life. Once people see your advertisement, they are normally gone forever.

That’s where postcards come in. Postcards have a long shelf life. Most people will READ your postcard before they decide to keep it or toss it. Some people will even keep your postcard for several months before they read it and visit your website. To me, getting people to actually READ your offer is more than half the battle.

Plus, there is less competition with postcards. Compare how many emails you get per day trying to sell you something with how many postcards you get. I can’t speak for you, but I get several hundred emails per day pitching me on something. Most of the emails I just ignore.

Plus, when I search online, I tune out most of the ads. I know many other people do the same thing.

My advice to you is to explore postcard marketing. Find a good affiliate offer that pays you at least $100 per sale and then do some small tests with postcards to see what your results are. I think you will be glad that you did.

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.

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Chuck Holmes is an author, blogger, business coach and network marketing professional. He lives in sunny Florida. Learn more about his opportunity.

This article was published on 15.11.2018 by Chuck Holmes
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