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Turn a $10 Investment Into a Monthly 5-Figure Residual Income

If I showed you how anyone, age 18 and above, without skills, can turn a $10 investment into a monthly 5-figure residual income, could I have your attention for just a few minutes?

Welcome to Fortress Network LLC, the fastest growing business on the internet. Fortress is the first of its kind membership-based, peer-to-peer marketing online social media platform. Members can sell and promote their own products or business opportunity on Fortress. A combination of Etsy & Facebook, it is fast becoming the go-to place for like-minded entrepreneurs to sell their products, buy products at discounted prices, and socialize as well.

The Entrepreneur Platform: When you become a Fortress member, you can upload your products/services to the Fortress site where thousands of people visit every day. Fortress will process the order and forward it you for fulfillment. You keep 100% of your asking price. Isn’t that amazing? And the customers are your customers so you can grow your customer base.

The Social Media Platform: FortressBook functions just like Facebook. Fortress members can post their pictures, upload videos, accept and send friend request, like posts, etc. The difference is you will not be bombarded with ads and your privacy is protected. Fortress will never sell your data like other social media platforms do.

So to summarize: Fortress is a social media network where members can sell their product/services, advertise their business, and socialize via social media.

Fortress is membership based and you are rewarded for referring members. For only $10 USD per month, you can promote your products or services, and get paid for referring others to the site. Already in 36 countries and growing, it is fast becoming a global phenomenon.

Here is how you get started. First you become a member for $10. Refer 3 members and you are now eligible to earn referral income.  Fortress pays out on 3 x 9 forced matrix. 

When the three people that you referred each refers their own three,  there are 9 additional members in matrix, and then those 9 refer 3, etc, all the way through 9 levels of duplication for $29,000 a month. This can be done very quickly through 9 levels of duplication. Just imagine if you got started today and referred three people in your first week, and everyone followed that pattern through 9 levels…in 9 weeks you would be at $29,000 a month. Click here for the details: Fortress Explained

Simple, easy, and affordable. Regardless of whatever network marketing company that you are representing, this can fit into what you are already doing without comprising you building your current team.

No products to sell, no rah-rah meetings, no returns, no “It did not work,” just simple, straight forward, sharing and earning.

In my 20-years in network marketing, I have never seen anything so easy or that grows so fast.

Click here to sign up and get started today: Fortress Sign Up

This article was published on 27.07.2020 by Etrulia Troy Lee
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