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CROWD RISING PRESENTATION * WHAT IS CROWD RISING? Crowd Rising is a Person to Person, Direct Funding Platform. It brings forth a new way of raising funds for various causes, whether it is for personal needs or a host of worthy causes, such as churches, schools, non-profit organizations, etc. * IS CROWD RISING A COMPANY, A BUSINESS OR A CORPORATION? No, Crowd Rising is a Platform made by the people and for the people. It was created by a group of like-minded people for this very purpose. *HOW DOES IT WORK? You pay a once-off R300 ($20) out-of-pocket to the person who sponsored you (you will sign-up on his/her referral link). As soon as your payment is confirmed by your sponsor, you will become active on Stage or Level 1 where there are 5 spots to fill. You find 5 friends who just like you would like to earn more money. Each of these 5 people pay you R300/$20 each. This gives you a total of R1500/$100 received. This is the maximum you can earn on this level. To earn more you need to upgrade to level 2 by paying R600/$40 to the person indicated on your back-office. This opens up level 2 where you can earn from 5 x 5 = 25people, each paying you R600/$40 for a maximum of R15000/$1000. These 25 people are your direct 5's referrals. As soon as any of them upgrade, they pay R600/$40 to you. That is if you yourself are on level 2. You ideally want to upgrade to level 2 as soon as your first 2 payments of R300/$20 comes in so that you can use this money to upgrade. You also want to be one step ahead of your downline, because if any of them upgrade before you, you lose out on potential money that could have come to you. As soon as the first few people pay you on level 2, you want to immediately step-up to level 3 by paying R900/$60. There are 25 x 5 = 125 people on level 3 from which you can earn R900/$60. This is a total of R112 500/$7500! From here it just gets crazy! There are 10 levels on which you can earn. * IS CROWD RISING AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE? Yes, it is available worldwide. * CAN I SIGN PEOPLE UP MYSELF? Yes you can. In fact, you are encouraged to do that to make sure that the people you bring in to the organization land under the correct Sponsor, which is you but keep in mind that once you have 5 personally sponsored referrals that your additional referrals automatically spill down into your direct referrals genealogy. You will also be able to dictate where you want the referral to go, from the 1st generation of downlines all the way down to the 10th level. * ARE THERE ANY FEES TO PAY? No, there are no fees of any kind. The Founders of the Crowd Rising Platform offer the system 100% free of charge. * WHAT PAY PROCESSORS ARE USED? The pay processors are determined by the participants themselves. You can decide how you wish to be paid and list your chosen ones in the back office. You must enter at least one in order to be able to save the setting in your Profile or you will not be qualified to make use of the system. *HOW CAN I PARTICIPATE? Please click on the referral link of the person who invited you and fill out a simplified registration form.

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