Remembering a 20\20 story about MLM from the 1980s...

Many years ago, the TV news program 20/20 did a feature on Amway Corporation.

The story interview whiners and complainers for the first 18 minutes. You know, the people who stuffed their garages full of product, but could not sell it to their family and friends.

The last two minutes of the report was an interview with a top Amway distributor, Bill Britt at his beautiful estate home. The reporter asked, "Mr. Britt, this business model has obviously worked out great for you. What is your secret?"

Bill replied, "There is no secret. I simply showed the business plan to 1200 people.

900 said NO. Out of the 85 who did enroll and made some effort, only 35 were serious, and out of those 35, 11 made me a millionaire."  


It was true then and it's still true today. It's a numbers game.

"Pouring Coffee" is just a phrase we use to show how easy it is to offer the plan.

Do you think if you were in a restaurant and you did not want more coffee the waiter would be upset? 

Some will, some won't...NEXT!

The REAL secret for me is to find the will and motivation to carry on no matter what your family and naysayers you know say. They are only trying to protect you from the shame of the failure that THEY had when trying to succeed.

I know all too well how hard it can be with zero support from family and friends. You may belong to the same team as I did for many years. They call it the NFL...No Friends Left

I have been in some kind of sales or marketing job all of my life. The people who never sold for a living just don't understand the motivation that an entrepreneur has inside them.

There is a great thing happening with iMarketsLIVE...NO Recruiting Required.

BUT, the benefits of getting a few people to join are you will not have to pay anymore membership fees and you earnings can multiply quickly. 

There are people from all types of backgrounds on our team...  

My friend and mentor of 23 years was a top distributor with NuSkin, we have a BravoTV celebrity as well as single moms, small business owners, church leaders and students.

Here is the info you need to absorb, then contact me...


Andrew Farrell 

323-601-8873 Google Voice #

This article was published on 31.01.2017 by Andrew Farrell
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