How To Use MLMGateway Effectively


So you have been using MLMGateway, and trying to figure out the best way to get more people to signup in your MLM business.

Many people who jump on will find that they struggle to get results using MLMGateway, just like they struggle with other platforms.

This is why I want to share with you how to use MLMGateway the most effective way possible, so you can actually begin seeing results.


Using MLMGateway is just like any other platform you use. If used the right way, it will bring results. If used wrong, it will do nothing.

We know most MLM business owners will use every resource the wrong way, as they are usually taught by upline to do it wrong. Many think by telling more and more people about how great their products and company is, it will get people to signup. 

This is not the way it actually works.

If you want to see results in your MLM business, you must be providing value. You do this by simply sharing things you learned that can help others who are either in, or not in your team.

So the right way to use MLMGateway is to provide value to the platform and it's members. This is when you will begin seeing much different results.


Most of the time when I receive a message or a connection request from another MLMGateway member, it is the default message.

This is not what you will want to use. Instead, change it to your own words, offering to either help a member, or let them know you are open to sharing marketing ideas and tips with one another.

This gets a conversation going in most cases, which is already more than you may be use to getting. Using the default message brings no value, and looks as if you just want them to join your business. So always make the first impression one of friendship and value.


When you write your business announcements, it needs to be something other MLMGateway members can find useful.

Simply talking about your company will not give them a reason to even read your business announcement.

However, sharing something you learned on lead generation, SEO, or any topic that they can find useful and beneficial to their business, will get you readers.

With more readers comes more people wanting to work with you. So MLMGateway is a good place to find MLM business owners who plan to stay in the game for a long time.


One of the most powerful features to MLMGateway is their advertising. It is set up much better than many other platforms.

Most places use impressions, meaning each time your ad shows you use a credit. This means if no one clicks, you still spend your credit. With MLMGateway, you only spend credits when you get a real visitor.

Use the MLMGateway advertising effectively by running ads for tools, blog posts that provide value, and systems people will need for their MLM.

These always pull much better results, leads, and sales compared to simply advertising your MLM page.


MLMGateway is just like all other platforms you use to build your MLM.

Giving value instead of pitching opps is how you build a successful team and business.

If you want to have more ways to create income with MLMGateway, I highly recommend using LEADSLEAP REAL TRACKER when placing links to your MLM or tools you use online. This system will get you more income by paying you when people click the link. Making you money regardless of a sale or not.

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This article was published on 27.07.2016 by Jaye Carden
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Dennis Chikwayi This is a well written post! Members who want to move their businesses to next level should consider tips shared in this article.Thanks Jaye for sharing and wonderful weekend!  1 year ago
Martin Eno This is a very informative article. Thanks, Jaye  1 year ago

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