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Hello  Everyone,

Financial Freedom: A term that is the MAIN engine-drive to Hustle when it comes to joining or Marketing a Network Marketing to F\Direct Selling Opportunity, BUT most people DON'T know what is Financial Freedom!!

if you asked your Upliner/Coach/Sponsor about that term they will tell you something like:

" Oh, it's a dream come true, You never think about money again, you buy whatever you want. No matter how expensive, you travel in Style First Class anywhere anytime and have the best vacation , you help your friends financially without thinking when they will return the money,if ever.." and so on, 

So basically you spend money AIMLESSLY without thinking, and there are still more money to be spent

if I gave you a $ 10 Million dollar and asked you to spend it aimlessly you won't have trouble with that, but is that Financial Freedom?? 

if that is Financial Freedom Trust me you want NOTHING to do with it.. why?

let's talk logic:

you are working so hard to build an income stream to the point of satisfaction: what is your point of satisfaction? 

Couple hundreds per/week, few thousands per/months , a Million or two Per/Year??

it differs from one person to another, Say you get $10,000 per/month.. Nice right?

is it enough to be called financial freedom??

Reality comparison:

I'm From Sudan, Now my Currency to dollar worth these days around: $1<==> 12 SDG 

means Your 10K here in Sudan Worth 120K SDG (ALOT OF MONEY Trust me)

now life expenses here (with Collage expenses) won't break 10 to 20 K per/months

So I get more 100K to save , means I can support more than 2 Families (my pwn house and my Family) maybe support a friend , AND STILL make good savings per/Month

in a year I can buy my OWN good house (not a luxury Villa but still big and nice) , in 3 months I can have a cool car, in 3 to 5 months I can cover all marriage expenses .

so $10K per/month is VERY nice, and can be called Financial Freedom, right?

take that SAME $10K and Go to Dubai,UAE there $1 <==> 3.7 DH 

means Your $10K worth 37K DH

that number will NEVER last a month in that City 

Hell, it won't cover Schools (American Collage in Sharjah is little over 38K DH , PHD Courses can easily hit the 80K DH)

so after ALL that hustle it still won't cut it!!

to get the figures that will cut it you need years of Well-Oiled Network that NEVER Stops working not for a payment week of month (cause one stop and your plans will be delayed for 1 month to say the least)

OR you be On top the Pyramid (so you either open your OWN Network Marketing Business OR wait in line til fate gives you the number you want)

and (Most Network Companies ) they tell you : you need to be FULLY committed to us, you try to work somewhere else they we will suspend you account 

So, what to take out of that, Financial Freedom is either an illusion OR you are getting it all wrong

Now, the Good news is it is NOT an illusion :D

the BAD news: Financial Freedom is actually NOT Freedom 

you see, it real term is Financial Independence OR Financially secured (the word Freedom is formed for Marketing ways.. you got to admit it is catchy :D )

The Real Deal, is what Most Now a days Leaders afraid: You Need to open More Than One stream of income AND you transform some of them into precious assets and Real-States 

Now why they are afraid?

15 years ago most people Don't know about Network Marketing, and those they do know that there only limited number of High valued Companies that Worth enroll with, and they risked EVERYTHING to make it work, Now 15 years later he is where he always wanted Just starting living his dream but now everything he build is now hanging by a thread, Cause once sign-ups and purchases in his HARD Worked Network stops, then he will be like Wasted 15 Years for nothing AND he thinks there is NO WAY he can endure to start all over with somewhere else; So they tell new recruits you signup somewhere else you get suspended the new guys new in heart this is a wrong strategy and something is VERY fishy but they can't make a choice to re-commit to the other companies.. 

the other thing for the Nowadays made leaders they come to bad understanding of network marketing by concept: Loyalty pays off.. So they blindly loyal to their company NOT even Ready to hear about how the world is changing , all other companies -to them- are Scams..why they say that? Cause most of the times the other companies pays better than his current company and he is not believing for a second there is better payment than his (ofcource he still living his dream so you can't really blame him)

So, the reality of it, networkers started loss in touch with their inner goals (you started Network Marketing to make money NOT to support a company) there is a HUGE difference  

in ANY Building Wealth there is always steps that keeps repeating til you say enough:

1) Start a business that you feel is good for you as a representative and Marketer (Don't like the product.. don't link your name with it)

2) Start setting Goals and income Bars 

3) Once all you goals are met ,buy real-state or save in precious Metal (usually Gold Bars)

4) Re-invest the extra earnings in to a new business

5) Repeat :)

if you did that , when you say Enough, you will be making 6 figures income per/ Week AND you own alot of real-state and precious metals that can be fenced with extra profit in Dark Times 

to be continued ( The WBBB : Wealth Basic Building Blocks)

This article was published on 16.12.2015 by Mohammed Omer El-tom
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