The Ultimate Gold Savings Home Based Business.

Karatbars 1 Gram Gold Insert Gift Cards

At Karatbars we have made available several Gold Insert Gift Cards and Collector Cards for special occasions. All of which will retain their store of Value for decades. 

Please remember that Gold has maintained it's true "store of value" as real Money for over 5,000 years. And as Governments and Bankers continue to print "Fiat Paper Currency", the purchasing power of "Paper Money" spiral downwards, buying less and less, while the value of real Money Gold, maintains it's true "Store of Value".  

It is not that the value of Gold goes up. No! It is the fact that the value of "Fiat Paper Currency" continues to decline as the volume of Paper Currency is increased by the printing or more Paper Money out of thin air, as Gold maintains it true "store of value". 

The Introduction of our KaratPay App "Buy With Gold Globally", from our Mobile Phone. 

As the globe continues to struggle with the global financial melt down, due to the excessive printing of fiat paper currency, more and more countries and merchants are seeing the need to trade in real Money, gold. At Karatbars we believe we are in front of the wave.

Please take a look at our 3 min. video about Our KaratPay App! Buy with Gold Globally!

Karatbars Pay Plan

1: You can open a FREE e-Commerce Gold Savings Account, and instantly you will be given 4 free business promoting websites. 

a: Your Personal official Karatbars promotional website with your Back Office.  My personal site:

b: Your Personal K-Exchange Center promotional site.

c: Your Personal on-line Karatbars shop.

d: Your Personal Landing page.

With your FREE, no credit card information required Account, you can exchange your declining Paper Currency into Grams of Gold whenever you choose. You can have your Gold shipped via FedEx to you on each order, or you can have the Company store your Gold, "Free of charge"  in their secured vault until you are ready to have your Gold shipped to you. 

2: With your FREE account, you can generate a monthly income, with 5 income streams. Simply by making a decision to save your "Fiat Paper Currency" into a true "store of value", whenever you choose. Remember this is not an expenditure, this is a Savings program. 

Earn 5 streams of income as you save and you introduce others to save their declining  "Fiat Paper Currency" into grams of Gold. The only true "store of value". 

Remember everyone has opened a free account and are simply saving their paper currency into grams of Gold. No one is spending money.

5 Streams of Monthly Income . With Your FREE Account.

1: Double Income. (During the 1st six weeks as a new registered affiliate you can earn double commission from the direct sale of all products within our 3D products)

2: Direct Commission/Unilevel Bonus.

3: Generation Bonus. (Bonuses paid to infinity. No levels cutoff!)

4: Karatbars Pool. (Earn on Worldwide turnover! From each gram of Gold bar sold worldwide in Karatbars!) 

5: Karatbars Gold Fund. (Earn on Worldwide Turnover! 1% of all the one-time exchange over 500 Euros are placed into the Fund!) 

2 Other Streams of Incomes Which Are Totally Optional

6: Builders Packages Bonus.

7: Dual Team Cycle Bonus.

Builders Packages Bonuses are based on a one time commission which is paid each time an affiliate sponsor/recruits a new person who chooses to purchase a Builders Package. This bonus can  range from 5% to 20% and is paid only to the sponsor. 

Dual Team Cycle Bonuses are based on a cycle pay-out. These cycles pay-out are created and paid out weekly and can range from approximately $12.00 USD per cycle to $96.00 USD per cycle,  based on the optional package an affiliate purchased. There can be as many as 180,000 Dual Team Pay-Out Bonus Cycles per week, paid through infinity. Yes! there are no  "Generations Cut-Off".  

The Real Key To Karatbars Pay Plan.

The key to Karatbars pay plan is the fact that there is always "Love from Above"! 

This is how each affiliate's business is structured. 

Each affiliate can only have 2 legs. One on the Right Side and One on the Left Side. Consequently each new affiliate who joins must be placed either on the Right Side or the Left Side. And each time each affiliate saves paper currency into grams of Gold, or introduces a new affiliate who purchases a builder's package, the volume of units from the gold savings and the purchased builder's package is counted as the volume required by each affiliate straight up to the top of the group. Remember I mentioned that we are paid through to infinity. 

As these volume of units flows up line, because every new affiliate must be placed in either  the up-line's Right Leg or Left Leg, the "Love from Above" will significantly increase the number of cycles per affiliates, including their weekly residual income. 

Each time a leg accumulates 25 units and the other accumulates 50 units, a cycle bonus is paid  out, and this bonus will range from $12.00 USD (Based on exchange rate), to $96.00 USD (Based on exchange rate), with respect to the builders package the affiliate purchased. And remember there can be as many as 180,000 Dual Team Pay-Out Bonus cycles per week. 

Lets be honest! With the "Love from Above". The fact that we can only build 2 legs. The fact  that we are saving money into a true "Store of Value", rather than spending money, and the fact that we do not have to renew our commitment to be a Karatbars affiliate yearly, (No annual renewal fee), wouldn't you too, agree that this is The Ultimate Gold Savings Home Based Business. 

But wait, Karatbars is now adding the "KaratPay" App, in January 2017, so we can all "Buy with Gold Globally" from our mobile phone......

Welcome To Karatbars International. Please watch the video

If you love what you have seen and read so far and you would like to "Test Drive" or "Kick the  Tires", we would love to invite you to our free "Team Huddle" webinar on Monday evenings at 9:00pm EST. 

Please give me a shout-out so I can give you the link to the webinar.

Thank you dearly for your time while I look forward to your comments.

This article was published on 17.11.2016 by Victor Graham
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