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Top three essential oils you can put on your skin

There are many essential oils you can put on your skin, so if you have never used essential oils topically in the past, check out my top three favorite oils for your skin

The great thing about essential oils from a women's point of view is that it is a natural alternative to the big cosmetic company brands. This is not to say there is anything wrong with cosmetic, but lets be honest most of us have no idea what is in the cosmetic companies skin care products.

Essential oils on the other hand are not pretending to be anything else than what it is. Essential oils provide a far safer and simpler skincare product than cosmetic skin care products. In addition, essential oils for skin will sooth, cleanse, soften, and purify the most sensitive skin.


What is the best company for essential oils that can be put on the skin?

The top company for essential oils is of course doTERRA essential oils. It offers the purist and filler free essential oils on the market. The choice of oils is vast and they can be purchased from almost every country in the world.

As mentioned there are many different essential oils you can put on your skin, so below I have set out my top three: 


Frankincense oils is one of those essential oils we hear of in our history books as well as the Bible. One of the first mentions of Frankincense oil was in the ancient Egyptian era. It was used for various applications including perfumes, religious ceremonies and soothing the skin.  Frankincense oil is also know for its rejuvenating properties in skincare and anti-aging. Frankincense oil is one of the best essential oils you can put on your skin.


My wife has been using Yarrow|Pom for her hands for some years with unbelievable results. Many argue that Yarrow|Pom acts like a nature Botox treatment because of its outstanding results as an anti aging serum. For the best results, just add a few drops of oils on your hand and rub into your face, chest, neck, and hands twice a day.


Lavender is another oil with a long history, however even though Lavender oils is great for the skin, it is also a relaxing and calming oils. For the best results rub onto the face and scalp.

There are many other essential oils for our skin but this is just a taster. To find out more about doTERRA and their essential oils, click on the learn more links on this page.

Essential oils you can put on your skin

doTERRA is the best company for essential oils

Even though doTERRA is the best essential oils company around, there is no point is pay more for your oils and necessary. So, below I have put some suggestions regarding buying doTERRA oils and getting the best deal possible.

  1. Buy a doTERRA enrolment kit (Buying a product enrolment kit rather an buying the oils individually is the most affordable way to but doTERRA essential oils)
  2. If you are going to be a regular customer set up a LRP (Loyalty reward program). Making an LRP order will allow you to receive, FREE products and product point towards free products.
  3. If you buy a product enrolment kit your enrolment fee is waived, which means you are saving even more money,

What is the best doTERRA enrolment kit to buy?

It really depends on why you are joining doTERRA. So ask yourself, are you a user, sharer or a leader and as a leader how much time and energy do you want to commit to doTERRA?

Nevertheless, most people opt for the mid-range packages so they can get a good overview of doTERRA's essential oils as well as their other products that us essential oils.

For more information about essential oils you can put on your skin as well as instructions on how to join the best company for essential oils, click on the learn more link below.


This article was published on 25.08.2021 by Steven Jackson
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