Laminine and LifePharm Global Network

laminineA close friend of mine called and introduced me to LifePharm Global Network and Laminine. To say the least, this phone call was not received with any enthusiasm. I told my friend that how can I possibly think of getting involved in an MLM? I have a full-time job, and I'm also busy trying to run an online crowdfunding website. Furthermore, my wife was complaining that I was neglecting her and my religious devotional time. In short, I was stressed and overworked. Being the MLM professional that he is, my friend seized the opportunity to inform me that the core product that I would be helping to distribute, was called Laminine. That in fact, my problem was not a lack of time, it was a lack of focus and mental clarity. Emphatically he suggested I take Laminine to improve my focus as he had done so with almost miraculous results. Furthermore, he assured me that Laminine had been proven in clinical trials to dramatically improve focus and a state of overall well-being. That caught my attention, if Laminine can help me be more productive, then it's worth a look.

Lotions, Potions, Pills and Cure-Alls

My buddy went on to tell me about all the testimonials he had heard about and bore witness to. Everything from Autism, Adrenal Failure, Aneurysms, Anger issues, Diabetes, Depression, ADHD, Aspergers, Stress, Kidney problems, Strokes; and the list went on. I finally stopped him and said that there is no such thing as a cure-all. Interesting enough he agreed and stated that Laminine didn't cure anything; all it did was to restore and re-enhance our bodies repair mechanism so it could heal itself.

Stampede to LifePharm Global Network

Now my friend is no ordinary MLM marketer; he's the guy MLM companies send headhunters after. So I asked him why he was promoting Laminine and not some pricey supplement. He told me that the economy was bad and the people he was encountering were not only dropping their supplements, but they couldn't even afford to pay for their medications. He explained that he wanted to help as many individuals as he could, and a pricey pill or regimen wasn't cutting it. Most of the top recruiters in his former MLM upline agreed and followed him to LifePharm Global Network. As I reflected on this information, I instinctively knew that this opportunity was too good to pass up. I would not only be subject to better health and mental wellness, but I would also be part of a downline that's experiencing massive spillovers.

Laminine Works

As a diabetic and Founder of Crowdfunding Bum, LLC, my health, and mental wellness is critical to running my online business. These products are the best in the market, and like me, you won't miss an opportunity to recommend them.

Interesting to Note:

When Donald Trump was asked on TV what he was going to do if he was to go bankrupt once again, his answer was simple. He said that he would get into a network marketing business. Unfortunately, it seemed that the audience did not like his answer when they booed him. Nonetheless, everyone was temporarily silenced by his reply. He said that their reaction set the line between him and them; that the reason why he was rich and they were not was because of this exact attitude. If you are looking for an alternative to crowdfunding with the added advantage of excellent health, focus, and energy, look no further.

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To Health, Life, and Prosperity,

Bernardo Pereira

This article was published on 11.10.2016 by Bernardo Pereira
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