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My name is Debbie Garbutt and I started my business in 2015 to create real financial security for me and my family. I have had a successful career in sales and marketing but unfortunately the last company I worked for was unable to offer me any other position other than full time after having my daughter. After all the years of work I had put in making money for others I was left feeling as though that was it I had lost my career and wage level because I wanted to be a mother.  I was looking for a part time position which would work around family with a good rate of pay and it didn't take me long to realize that this was going to be a challenge. I had been used to a good wage and worked hard for it!

I am resourceful and very head strong and knew what I wanted for my family which is so important to me. I  knew I was worth more and began to realize that actually this could be a good thing and that this was the push I needed to do something different and more rewarding. I was searching for opportunities something which offered everything I needed, great benefits, promotion, independence, time freedom, flexibility, good money and what I  found was Forever living. The business presentation blew me away and I was eager to get started. 

It has been fantastic, since starting my business I am uplifted everyday by the possibilities and enjoy getting t work with such positive people which is so refreshing. My business has gone global which is just the beginning this year is going to be massive for me and my family and team and being able to help other people build businesses and focus on achieving their dreams and goals is so rewarding.  Anyone can achieve what they want in this company with hard work, commitment and dedication. I am so committed to my goals and ready to take this to the top and I will be taking a great team of people with me.

If you are ambitious, motivated and outgoing and committed to creating  something amazing for you and your loved ones, and are ready to take advantage of everything this company has to offer, to take control of your future, be your own boss, build a business with integrity, set your own income. I would like to hear from you  Think big and dream bigger!  This might be for you but you never know ! 

This article was published on 31.03.2016 by Debbie Garbutt
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