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Snap Rides, Changed to REVO RIDESHARE Refer Drivers, PAX, RPs (Passive Income)

(Formerly SNAP RIDES)


ATTN: NETWORKERS. YOU do NOT need to stop what you are doing to refer to this platform. 

RIDE, DRIVE, REFER OR Participate in All Three. EARN PASSIVE INCOME three ways!

Get Paid to refer: Drivers, Passengers and Referral Partners any to earn Passive Income!

Drivers Earn all of the fare, wait time, and surge minus $1.00!

Perhaps you use a Rideshare Service like: Uber or Lyft or you know people who do!
Many drivers are complaining on how much the companies are KEEPING on each ride.
Some are striking as of the 1st quarter of 2024! DRIVERS deserve better pay!

What’s it worth to REFER DRIVERS?

You will earn $2.00 per 10 Rides, ($.020/ride) a driver completes no matter who referred the passenger!

When a driver works 25 day a month this can be a $50.00 Income for you, YES, just for one driver.

Just 10 Drivers will be a $500.00 a month income! Keep Referring!

How many will you refer nationwide? Did I hear 100? Do the math. This will be 5K/mo.

Refer Passengers to REVO, the DISRUPTOR to Rideshare and GET PAID!

YOU EARN a Referral Income of: $1.00/Ride (Some ride 40 times a month to and from work)

10 Full time riders will get you $400/month.

Keep referring and over time look at what 100 full time rides will get you. $4,000 a month.

Think of the possibilities for anyone who refers others on a regular basis! Yes many will be those who take just a few a month but its adds up as you expand your network.

Refer dozens or hundreds over time and reap the rewards!

You will learn that you ALSO get paid on 5 primary levels.

Yep, you will earn $.050 on your second level, and $.025 on levels 3-5.

Speaking of REWARDS REVO has a REWARDS program that will give each person involved in a ride, tokens that can be exchanged for rides or CASH!

Elevating Your Driving Experience!

Are you a driver yearning for increased earnings, flexible hours, and meaningful connections with passengers? Look no further – Revo Rides is here to revolutionize your ridesharing journey, offering an array of unparalleled benefits. 

Why Drive with Revo Rides?

Be Your Own Boss: Embrace the freedom of setting your own schedule. Revo Rides caters to your lifestyle, whether you're driving part-time or full-time. Take control of your time and enjoy the flexibility that fits your needs.
Competitive Earnings:

We believe in fair compensation for your hard work. Revo Rides will ensure you get all of the fare, tips, wait time and surge minus just $1.00.  With the huge amount of drivers completing dozens and hundreds of drives monthly be clear, they will be making money as well! Do this X thousands of drivers and many more in time.

Cashless Transactions:

Access to a Large User Base:

Join our extensive network of riders actively seeking reliable and friendly drivers. With more rides, you have increased opportunities to boost your earnings and enhance your customer ratings.

Bonuses and Incentives:

Celebrate your success with Revo Rideshare. Reach milestones, maintain high ratings, and enjoy REWARDS  that make every mile more rewarding and worthwhile.

Calling All Entrepreneurs!

If you're an entrepreneur seeking a lucrative opportunity, Revo Rideshare has the solution. Enjoy passive income by referring both drivers and passengers and referral partners to our platform. Earn for a lifetime with every successful referral, creating a continuous stream of income.

How to Get Started:

Sign Up: Visit RodneyBush.Biz

Refer and Earn:

Entrepreneurs, start referring drivers and passengers and networkers today! Enjoy the benefits of passive income while contributing to the growth of the REVO RIDESHARE community.

Join us as an IBO now before we launch. Get to know us. No investment now or later!



Rodney Bush



This article was published on 27.12.2023 by Rodney Bush
Author's business opportunity:

REVO RIDESHARE - Transportation, Free to join
Ride for LessDrive and Earn More!Refer and Earn Passive Income for LIFE!

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