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Gold Rush.

 You know, I have been watching a program on the t.v called Gold Rush. You may have seen it on one

of the discovery channels. It's about groups of guys up in Alaska and further north digging for gold. These guys

have just got 5 months of the year because of the weather, to make enough money to keep them

and their families through the rest of the year. They have a tremendous struggle to make things work out,

machinery breaking down, one thing after another going wrong but through all of this they keep going, they

keep a positive attitude, they know in the end things have a way of working out.

 Network Marketing is a bit like that, not that you have so many problems with the weather, most of the time

we are sat in the comfort of our own homes but similar in that there are many obstacles to over-come. We

need to find a way of fitting this new business into our present circumstances, to fit it into our family lives and

to believethat in the end things are going to work out. We may get help from our up-line but most of all we

need self-belief.

 Network Marketing is not a get rich quick scheeme. It takes time to build up a network, it may take some

people longer than others, people work at different paces, some people have better contacts, some people are

prepared to work harder or longer hours, other people go into learning mode and do a ot of research on the

products or the industry. All people are different, even if we are told how to work, human nature takes in our

own direction.

 The gold nuggetts that we are lookin for in Network Marketing are people like ourselves, people who are

prepared to work hard, people who are prepared to adapt to changing world markets and to adapt with new

technology and to build our networks. To find these gold nuggets, it may take time but we have to keep digging,

we have to believe that out there in the world there are people like ourselves, people with vision and people who

want a better life for themselves and their families.

 So we keep digging, we keep looking at different countries, different markets, different advertising until we find

the life-style we are lookin for.

 We in Network Marketing are working for our own Future. Good Luck.

This article was published on 07.03.2016 by Martin Millidge
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