If You're Building wealth, best Build it for Your Last Name

In South Africa (my beautiful South Africa), like anywhere else in there world (yes, we actually are like most of the rest of the world), there are, in my observation, three kinds of people: 1. Those who want something and make it happen, 2. Those who want something and wait for it to happen somehow, and 3. Those who will die wanting and wishing.  

Growing up, I had always wished I was rich like all the rich people I knew and saw on television, I also wanted to have 'it' all, so I told myself that when I grow up I want to be rich. And so I grew up and I saw what being grown up is about and I realized that being rich just to have 'it' all is not enough and I changed my tune. So now, I want something more than just being rich; I want to build wealth, I want to build a legacy, I want to build something that my children and their children can benefit from long after I have enjoyed having 'it' all., and I found the way how to. Total Life Changes (TLC) through its project Build It For Your Last Name offers a business platform for all like me who want more out of life. Build It For Your Last Name is impacting lives in a way that I have never seen a project do before, it is about more than just making money for now, but about building something solid that one can be proud of; about making Total Life Changes. In addition to building Wealth, TLC offers a range of natural products that help build Health to enable you to enjoy your wealth in a healthy body.  And ultimately, TLC offers an opportunity to anyone who is not like the people I mentioned in points 2 and 3 of my 3 points above to make things happen and to live out life the way you want it to be, because anything is possible with enough commitment and the right platform. So, if you're building wealth, best Build it for Your Last Name with TLC holding your hand. 

To Find out more, to watch videos and to find out about the compensation plan and how the project works,  and to take a peak at how well this project is doing in South Africa since being introduced just 2 weeks ago, check out www.totallifechanges.com/AkhonaSidlai

This article was published on 25.11.2016 by Akhona Sidlai
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