Attraction marketing, what is it? Attraction marketing is positioning you so that your potential customers and prospects can find you instead of you chasing after them. With this marketing strategy, you will attract the RIGHT people to buy your products or join your opportunity. Attraction marketing is not taught in most network marketing companies; they are taught network marketing, which is very different to some extent.

Attraction marketing is about building a YOU brand and not a company brand or an opportunity brand. You are building a YOU brand because people are online looking for people to solve whatever issue they may have at the time. If you are doing great in network marketing, that is wonderful, but some people are not doing so great and not aware of this other marketing channel that can probrably help them in their business if they implement what they have learned. 

Even though this marketing strategy is a very simple concept, only 1% of network marketers use it. Why? Sadly, they are not taught about it. I have been in the network marketing industry for six years and I never remembering hearing about attraction marketing. I only heard about network marketing and ways to get people to join my business not ways to have people chase me down.

I have only been a part of the attraction marketing industry since November and things have really did a 360 in my business. I am no longer chasing people down for sales and joining my opportunity. I am now writing and sharing content that let people know that I am available to show them how implementing attraction marketing into their business and help it grow.

Attraction marketing has help me position myself as an authority in my field and now people are reading my blog posts and following me on social media. I am only a woman from North Carolina who has cerebral palsy and living a normal life. I am not wealthy, yet and I am going to school for my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. But I have over 550 visitors to the blog almost 600 and over 300 followers on Twitter. This activity has only happened within a two-month timeframe and I am not changing a single person down, everyone is coming to me.

Attraction marketing is my main marketing strategy for my business. If you would like to learn about attraction marketing and how it can help change your business, click on the link with Work with me to get started now. It is a new year; why not try a new thing.

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This article was published on 02.02.2016 by Artreice Westmoreland
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