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     If you have never heard of sos (strategies of success, you will undoubtedly hear of it in the future. Why? Because it is a network marketing company that has finally solved every problem that marketers encounter in the network marketing business. That problem is effectively recruiting other people into your network marketing company. I will describe what this company offers and how it works in the following paragraphs.

     Sos offers as its products and services a written self improvement course and a written credit repair course. These are the two courses in phase one, which started on 8/1/20. There is also a phase two which offers the self empowerment course in audio form, a marketing lead system, a marketing rotation marketing tool, and a financial newsletter written by a financial expert that deals with recommended investments, including bitcoin. 

     The truly exciting thing about this company is the marketing program, which not only allows participants to success but in effect, guarantees that participants will succeed. The compensation plan consists of a 2x2 matrix. Another way of describing it is that it is a 1x2x4 matrix. All it takes to cycle and get paid $325.00 are six people. You can come into the company with one, two, or three business centers in both phases one and two. It is a true follow me system. In other words, when you cycle, you simply follow your sponsor into the next open business center. The people you sponsor and the ones in your business center follow you into your next business center after you cycle. People come into your business center from your own efforts, spill over from your sponsor and people above you, and from the people below you. More exciting than this is the fact that for a small advertising fee, the company will put two people into your business center guaranteed. You can buy two people for each of your business centers and the company generally does this within two weeks. This is why you can and will attain success in sos. These are paid recruits who can do the same in addition to their own advertising. If a person chooses not to actively recruit, they can simply buy advertizing and success on a passive basis. 

     The support offered by the company is excellent. There are nine conference calls per week, including training conference calls. If you are inspired by anything that I have said herein, please listen to a conference call at 1-425-436-6385, pin 8525353#. They are given every day at 5:00 PM-PST. If you hear something that interests you, you can go to htt

This article was published on 24.11.2020 by Morris Jennings
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