My Network Marketing Philosophy

As I embark on the next chapter of my life in Network Marketing I can't help but think about the many failures I've experienced over the years. I have come to the conclusion that many of those failures were because of me. Not the company I joined, not my wacky, unreliable up lines and not necessarily the products. I realize there was something about me that needed to change. I learned the hard way that if I want my business to prosper than the most important element to drive my business was going to be me. What has happened is that by using the MLM Gateway System it has turn on a switch that I seemed to have turn off without realizing it. To those reading this article may say to themselves "he's just getting to the realization after the many years he says he's been doing this". The answer is both yes and no. Stupidity is knowing what to do and not doing it. Ignorance is not knowing at all. So when you do something wrong ignorance is not an excuse. It can be an understandable and reasonable explanation but cannot be an excuse. So why do I say this? Because in my experience I have done both and have come to a full realization that if my business is going to grow and be stable than I have to grow and be the engine of stability. That is my responsibility to developing and growing my business.  When I send a request to network with someone in MLM Gateway I look for something that is being said or not said in their profile. If there is an interest in networking and no business attached I ask a few questions that can hopefully spark a conversation about their motivation, passion and what they are looking for. If something is there and I get a message this person wants to sign up into my business then I ask why, what does this person need and how can my business help them. I am not only looking for a good or best fit for my business but also to provide support for what they are doing and their goals, even If we don't partner in business. I believe Network Marketing is the industry, the system, the fuel we use to build our relationships and in turn our businesses. The companies and products we market are the vehicles we put the fuel of Network Marketing into so that the business can grow and move forward. My reputation and business depends on my network marketing ability. Thanks for reading. I welcome your comments to Look for my MLM profile for business opportunity info and furture business announcements.
This article was published on 21.09.2016 by Anthony Bates
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