Consumer Rebate Business Incentive Program:

This is for consumers, giving them more reasons to enjoy the comforts of home. It's for business owners that have a desire to increase sales, get more customers, and increase the size of their client base. Through our platform based new Cell Phone Cash Back Club, we are able to define what we call

"Relationship Marketing 2020" as a (new consumer incentive marketing program). Introducing:

                                                                                   The Super App

The bases are simple yet so powerful. Sharing this multi-faceted money saving cell phone app with potential prospects. People need help, they need solutions. It can be seen as a component that may allow so many to begin to financially stabilize their lives. Plus a relief from this confined New Normal, a chance to reboot and make preparations for a new beginning.

Take in consideration, an average family of 4 (2 adults + 2 teens or young adults). everybody has a cell phone. Many are used to make purchases in-stores and on the internet. Now think about it. With our Super App all family members are under the same membership app, meaning cash back rebates are accumulating 4 times faster. From local stores and restaurants to national chains. Buying what they normally buy, but using a different method. Now they will earn cash back and it's available to spend immediately, right away. Plus, health products and preions discounts, through stores like CVS. Wealth, financial fitness, and motivational programs available, all digitally recorded and available at the touch of a button, and so much more.

In addition, when it comes to having fun, eventually, we will get back to vacationing again. So in the meantime, starting day one, with our Super App. our members monthly fee will roll into and accumulate in what we call "trip credits" automatically. There is no extra fee and they never expire. This will allows our members to use them to get super, unbelievable discounts on major 5 star rated luxury hotels and resorts, anytime, anywhere in the world. Many sponsored through our partnership with Priceline Travel (No Time Share presentation stuff). Just straight-up super discounts all year long. 

We believe this to be the 2020 consumer program of the year. The Super App. thousands in value now and more coming. One Super App membership is good for the whole family.

By helping people save and get cash back on more than half the things they purchase daily, in stores and online. This will make a difference in a family budget. They need this. We all need this.

A business owner can use this as a marketing tool, to share with potential prospects, this can lead to developing a relationship, and this can open the door to your business presentation.

WE DON'T SELL, WE SERVE.  Join us, learn all the benefits the Super App has to offer, then share them with your potential clients.

This is our HAVE FUN    MAKE MONEY

Plus, as a Super App Member Business Owner, you  can advertise for FREE within our platform.
 It's a win, win, win, everybody WINS program.

 All Super App memberships:

          Monthly fee $30 (1 app covers whole family) = members receive $30 in trip credits                                     (accumulate monthly, never expires), comes with a guarantee. It's month to month, stay as long as you'd like.

Lastly, we offer a passive, residual, potential life enhancing income as an extra stream of income. Available only at your request.


This article was published on 18.09.2020 by Kenneth Robinson
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My Kustom Touch Marketing - Cash back App, 30 USD to join

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