WOW!!! Postcard tycoon is a incredible opportunity. You do not have to get a downline or pay monthly dues. All you do is mail some cards and in return you get 300 bucks each time. After you get 5 payments of 300 dollars you get 500 free names and postage!!!!! I never heard of such an easy business model. This is one of thee best ever and I have been paid many times over. 

You need patience and time as with any business. It took me a few weeks after I mailed out my first bulk before I saw a money orders in my name. Go to and read the material. You will print out the form and mail it with your payment. One time fee of 498 and that is it. Everything else will be mailing cards or using our mailing service that will work for you instead.

The service is they will mail as many as you like as they have posted on their site for a price. Remember to make real money takes money! If we always by pass things with our negative mind set we will never achieve. I save up and I use the service and it is CRAZY!!!!! The responses are amazing you need to be consistent with mailing. You should mail at least once a month of every 2 or 3 at least even if it is 500 cards. The more you mail out the better the response rate. You will get 250 postcards to start. Just mail them out and at the same time go to the mailing service website and have them mail more. Mail as much as you can afford obviously! Every 5th sale you get 500 cards and names and stamps!!!!!!! 

This is by far the best one to join! Don't just sit back and do nothing over thinking etc... No monthly payments just the one time fee of $498 and everything else you spend is just on marketing until you get that 5th sale!!! The 5th sale is an amazing amazing business model and it has been accurate over and over! So remember go to and after you read and mail out the form you go to and use the mailing service! You will not be disappointed in this postcard direct marketing business as long as you stay consistent!

This article was published on 26.11.2021 by Orson Stewart-El
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Postcard Tycoon - Marketing, 498 USD to join

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