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Do you drink 5 Hour Energy Shots? How about Gatorade? Red Bull? 

Did you know that these type of drinks can actually be hazardous to your health? Long-term use or drinking more than two in a day can lead to a toxic overdose. Too much caffeine, an overdose of B5 or B6 can cause a loss of muscle function, increase heart rate, blood pressure disorders and stimulate your central nervous system in a negative way. Another huge and critical concern is that these energy drinks dehydrate your whole body and may cause sleep disturbances in the long run. Sleep disruption causes many mood disorders, headaches, migraines and a dysfunctioning digestive system. After long term use, your body may become dependent on these energy boosters because the body become addicted to them and cannot produce enough natural energy on its own.

It's sad that there have been many reported deaths from consuming way too many energy shots. It is important to be aware of the dangers of these energy shots. Even if the ingredients seem harmless, the caffeine and sodium content is what cause many side effects.

Well, friends, there is a solution... Introducing Q Rev! The power of Chia Seeds.

I am so excited and pleased to announce the release of our new energy-enhancing and brain-health product, Q Rev! As we all should already know, the brain is so important to all of our bodily functions, and studies indicate that brain dysfunction and degeneration are increasing at an alarming rate and at a much younger age. And because our hectic lives tend to sap the vital energy from our bodies and brains, we have combined a potent blend of chia seeds and key micronutrients in exact proportions to help improve energy levels and supercharge mental function at all ages.People are living this. 

Chia seeds are a desert shrub that has long been known to enhance energy levels and increase stamina. For that reason, they have been a staple food source for the legendary native Tarahumara runners from the high mountains of Northern Mexico1. Each stick pack has 7.5 mg of pure chia seeds. As soon as these tiny power-packed seeds are exposed to water they start to swell and release the vitamins, minerals, and growth factors present in the seeds.

Even though Q Rev has recently been released, many ave already confirmed that they feel the natural energy boost within 20 minutes and the energy boost lasts about 6 hours. Many have stopped buying the store bought energy drinks and replaced with it with Q Rev. 

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In Gratitude,

Anna Junker

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This article was published on 20.07.2016 by Anna Junker
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