With all the doom and gloom that the media lovesto bombard you with, it’s easy to forget that you’re sitting on a goldmine.

Every business owner without exception has their own “Acres of Diamonds” right in front of them. I keep a little sticky note on my laptop that says "My Acre Of Diamonds, $1Billion by 2028"...

That's my goal, to create an influence & impact and income of over $1Billion in the next 10 years... 

As long as I take care, lead, support, empower and disrupt the growth, aspirations of my students and clients just like you that read this e-mail everyday....

I know that goal becomes INEVITABLE (I'A)...

That goldmine is your existing customer list.

It’s a sad truth, but most business owners spend a lot of time, effort, and money searching for ways to get new customers, when really their best and most easily realised source of business is already there, in the form of their existing customers.

I have realised this over and over again, that existing clients will buy easily 5-10X more than new clients... For example the new clients who are enrolling in my Max Income System - 14 Steps To Personal Freedom Leveraging Automation

Will stick with me for years... The Backpack Millionaire Book buyers will continue buying from me for years to come, and will probably buy my next book on "Sales Funnels"....

And then also come to my many live events that I host like Online Business Summit and Traffic Millionaires Summit (April 6-7-8, 2018)

The clients who want a Done For You Sales Funnels That Converts Cold Traffic To High Ticket Buyers will see that I've just saved them easily 12-24 months of heartache, headache and hassles and they'll think wow...

Imagine I get coaching, support, mastermind - then they consider to join my Inner Circle SHIC Mastermind (1 spot left)...

Remember this;

Someone who’s bought from you before has already got over the “hump” of distrust and scepticism. In short, they like you, they trust you, they trust me, and they presumably had a good experience doing business with you.

These are the people who can bring you all the financial freedom you need – if you’re willing to communicate to them effectively. 

So here’s a "4 Step Foolproof Formula" way to get more business, TODAY (everyone I know who’s done this has got more business as a result).

1. Go over your customer records and make a list of the top 20% of customers, those responsible for 80% of your profits. We’re going to use the 80/20 rule in your favour.

2. Now pick up the phone and call them, and ask them what they need. Don't try to sell them anything -- just ask them what they need. Ask the question, then just listen.

3. When you've finished the call, go to work and find at least 3 ways of giving them what they need. You can provide it yourself or you can team up with related businesses. Then call them right back and tell them what you’ve found.

Here's what you say: "Hi, I was just thinking about our conversation the other day, and I've found 3 ways I can solve this problem for you.

4. Be aware, some of these people you won't have to call back because you'll get some business right there on the phone in the first call.

Try it. It works. I can assure you that every single business owner complaining about the economy is NOT doing this.

And it works because you’re coming at the problem from their direction. In these economic times, everyone seems to be thinking of themselves, and the emphasis is on selling, selling and more selling.

But by asking them about what YOU can do for THEM, by SERVING instead of SELLING, you’re immediately different and better than everyone else out there.

This is just one of dozens of ways to improve the Marketing of your business. But it’s one of the easiest, it’s free and it will bring you instant additional income.

If you would like to discuss how my team and I can help you in 2018...Well January is already gone, we have 11 months left and now is the perfect time.

This article was published on 11.02.2019 by Taofiq Raheem
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