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My new Valentus partner Thomas Sant

I would like all of you to applaud with a warm welcome Thomas Sant, an amazing new 3 month old executive that reached my rank of Emerald Executive in Valentus, an impressive feat destined to change your life forever once you hit it. How did he do? He used simple commitment to one project he was enthusiast about: the line of proprietary health prevail drinks offered at .

It's simply amazing that he made already 300$ USD in his first month showing this with posts in social media from his country: Malta. Being the most professional worker he ever knew, he launched this business like it's a rocket going right to the moon without never ever looking back. He took advantage of the best offer and value offered at valentus. That option is to stock up with our 16 box package offering 45% off for 3 consecutive months and be granted automatically the Emerald Rank and be eligible for the 7th compensation available, the 100$ legacy bonus qualification. A whole other way of making 100$ of US dollars sent straight to your bank. Isn't that a no brainer, since we all know that drinking healthy and 100% natural drinks are better for our body, right?

I'm amazed by this year 1000% growth and our new profits of 32 million in the single last year of business. We are hitting the market segment of drinks right in the teeth and our competition knows that since we share a big piece of the business with people who drink coffee and drinks, we give ourselves a huge advantage. Specially when the compensation plan is able to make you an excess of tens of thousands of dollars in a single week down the line. That compensation is what every home worker should look for before getting hands on in a lucrative project that will change their lives for good.

There is so much to gain for Malta and his new team. First, a car so that they can forget about the huge bill behind owning your own. Second, freedom of time and a way they can dream again benefiting from a huge timing advantage. Third, the potential to change the lives of so many who struggle to make even a decent living and that still dream for a better tomorrow every night and wish to do something to improve their situation and that's true gold.

Once again congratulation at our new Emerald leader Thomas Sant from Malta, an amazing leader in Valentus.

Thank you for reading this article, be sure to check out my profile for more content! Have a great day.

This article was published on 04.07.2017 by Francois-Pierre Galarneau
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