– Start: August 12th, 2016

– Status: Paying

– Min Deposit: $20

– Min withdraw: $0.1

– Plan: 1%-5% perday not fix for 365 term calender days

– Ref Commission: 10%-2%-1% (3 level)

– Payment: Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Payeer, Okpay, Nixmoney, Advcash

– Category: HYIP | High risk

– My trust: 7/10 (Under review)

– Owner: Pascal

– Group fb:

– Join here

Porfolio of investment project:

– Group of slots

– Poker Online

– Blackjack

– Sports betting

The history of the service Pascal

More than 5 years ago, we began to cooperate a team of successful players in online casinos. By interacting together, we collected more and more information about the strategies of the game, studied and created their own systems of winning.

Our reliable team, which in 2016 has more than 50 experienced players, achieved an incredibly high targets to increase the overall gaming capital. Now it is fully developed and debugged mechanism, created on the basis of studying the theory of probability, applied mathematics and theory of large numbers. Each player of service ranked as one of the areas: gaming, testing, reward and administrative.

By 2016, we together created a Pascal – service automatic earnings from the online casino. It’s aims to give the opportunity to all interested parties to the service to receive the stable income without the special skills of the game and risk. At the moment our players cooperate with more than twenty online casinos.

The advantages and benefits that You will get together with the service Pascal:

– You don’t need to learn to play and risk your capital

– You get more free time, it’s completely automatic service, you daily get a stable income

– Able to output profit from the account of Pascal service at any time convenient for You-

– Reliable, proven, professional team of over 50 people, which every day works for You

– Completely anonymous, stable income

– High protection of your personal account and money


Group of slots

With years of experience of our team, we have found that in online slots, you can earn big money.

And what about mathematical expectation, which always works in favor of the casino? If you play enthusiastically and not to pay attention to the details, to win can be difficult. However, if you test each of slots, you can find some loopholes, they are also called bugs. We are not talking about a rough break-ins or third-party software. And about the fine tuning of a slot. Spending a lot of time for the test game, the player will be able to calculate the nominal rate and time of the game that allow to get a winning combination more often. Learning and getting information about a such bug, it is very delicate, and most importantly, labour-intensive and time-consuming process. For example, recently we got a bug from a very famous slot from the company "Microgaming" has recently been confidently established in the gaming industry. The calculation and testing of this bug took about one and a half months of almost continuous play. But the result was quite nice, as more than 15 online casino offers us to play this slot. During the week we have increased allocated capital at 100% of it evenly among all the online casino so as not to arouse the slightest suspicion.
Poker Online

For 5 years we have established a professional team of experienced online poker players. The set of players took place at the stock exchanges a staking offers. At first, we observed the actions and performance of players, themselves investing in the game. Choosing the best players, we created our team.

Over the years we have assembled one of the best teams trusted players in online poker.

Correctly applying the strategy game in blackjack, you can win huge amounts in casinos and online casinos. If playing blackjack, to reject emotions and to rely solely on logic and mathematics, to use the true chosen strategy, a chance to turn the game into a source of income is incredibly high. For this years, with team Pascal every day we increase capital by 40% from the total income. In this direction requires a very delicate approach to the choice of the casino. As online casinos are not always are fair game, and test their accounts for months. However, the Internet is a really decent casino, with whom we cooperation.
Sports betting

Now everything goes on the world wide web, casinos, poker rooms and bookmakers. Today you can meet a lot of cappers that writing their blogs, doing paid predictions on those or other events. There are many investment funds that propose to invest money in their gambling. The service Pascal also has its own team of experts, which is engaged in sports betting. This team includes those who have turned gambling into a main source of income. As in previous strategies, in order to earn you need to prepare thoroughly. Carefully choose bookmakers with good odds on the outcomes of sporting events, a large number of outcomes, good feedbacks, easy and affordable input and output funds. Each of our specialist from the team studies not more than two sports. For example, football - hockey, basketball - volleyball. In order for correctly predict the outcome of the game need to know everything about this sport, teams, and even some moments of the personal life of the members of the team.

This article was published on 14.09.2016 by Razali Eko Dinoto
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