What is Peer 2 Peer Funding?

Everyone's heard of a Torrent right? Where when we want to download something, we connect to a pool of 'Peers', where we might gather the necessary resources from each of them.

Well Peer 2 Peer Funding or Crowdfunding is no different.

We are connecting to a network of people, making a donation to a member, and then receiving donations in return. Easy, Simple and Member run. No admin involvement or scamming.

At CrowdRising, you will join, Make a donation of $20 to your sponsor, then you will receive the same from people you refer to join. There are several levels of donations to receive also, so the donation amounts can get really interesting.

I joined CrowdRising myself after working in the RevShare industry and seeing many of the sites go down over and over again, with people losing money and their advertising platform. I was looking for something stable, long  term, and obviously very profitable. 

We have all seen the power of crowd based programs and this is no different. You can get started and 'raise' money or capital how you see fit and use it how you see fit.

The best way to implement this is to use Bitcoin and a Bitcoin wallet called Coinbase. Coinbase also offers you a chance to earn from referrals, but the best part is the power of using Bitcoin. Funding is quick, Withdrawals are quick, and you can even get a debit card linked to your bitcoin wallet (Separate site) to spend your Bitcoin funds directly. How sweet is that?

I am currently implementing a system where you can join CrowdRising, plug your Coinbase account into it, and then you can promote several Bitcoin 'Cloud Farming' sites into the mix also. I have been using funds raised from CrowdRising to pump up my virtual mining farms, earning me even more bitcoin, and the great thing about these, is that they are long term, residual and they just keep growing using the power of compounding and leverage from my other accounts. This system is monstrous and has the power to earn ANYONE an significant income, given time, commitment and the strength to succeed. 

Ofcourse, like anything, most things take a commitment to work to succeed, so therefore, I only want to work with people that will actually 'work' at Rising up and dragging themselves out of the humdrum, monotone lives they are living and start living life how they want and when they want. If that sounds like you then add me on Facebook (kanedaviessays) and send me a message saying "Project Bitcoin".

Remember, If you can not commit to yourself, you can not commit to others.

Many thanks, see you on the inside!


This article was published on 21.06.2016 by Kane Davies
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