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When people ask you what your rate is, you tell them supply side, right?  So let's not confuse going forward that we are talking about supply side.  Your delivery rate is fixed and can not be negotiated.  With us, its free to become a customer and manage your own account, rate, renewals with your free web site.  Simply by telling your friends/family to go to your site and sign up as well, you can earn free electricity.  Remember that great online game you played and told a few of your friends/family?  Remember that sale for a 50" TV that you bought and told a few of your friends/family?  You see, you already refer, you just never got rewarded for doing that and now you can.  

There is zero cost in becoming a customer and its free to cancel if you're not satisfied.  Winning multiple JD Power Awards for Excellence in Customer Service, Price & Retention is not by chance or accident.  If you get $10/month back for your referrals, you're getting $10 in free electricity, right?  Well, the way it works is, you get the average supply usage of your 15 or more referrals in the way of a credit or tax free rebate check up to and including free electricity off your bill.  Zero cost, zero risk!  We already have a lower rate so until you reach your referral goal, you'll still save and pay less.  Remember, a half percent per kilowatt hour is like 5 cents of gas cheaper because you may buy 10-20 gallons a week of gasoline but you're using hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of electricity every month... your meter never stops unless you unplugged your frig when you left the house today... doubt it, right?  There is more info below with links to specific topics, etc.

Business opportunities also exist for making more money off the same customers and helping others do exactly the same thing.  There are a couple links to check your rate and the a link if you want more info on the business opportunity.  So, click here for the corporate video and sign up link.  To become a customer for free, click here and see if your zip code is covered by us.

This article was published on 17.04.2019 by Mike Robinson
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