Did YOU know that 80% of Germans are willing to acquire precious metals ?

Why do Global InterGold exist ? 

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The overwhelming majority of German residents are willing to buy precious metals this year. Of these, 25% have already had such an experience, and it was undoubtedly positive. 

German residents support the purchasing of gold

The study of the well-known investment company Philoro Edelmetalle, shows that Germany's interest in gold is high. What does this mean?   The company conducted a survey among 3,001 residents aged 18 to 29 to find out what respondents are guided with in their decision to purchase precious metals. The study confirmed that two-thirds of the respondents have a positive attitude towards precious metals and consider gold as a reliable shield against financial losses. 

In 2016 - 63% of them want to buy precious metals 


More than 80% expressed willingness to invest. 25% of the surveyed persons have already bought Gold. More than half (63%) have the specific intent to spend at least 1,000 euros on the purchase of precious metals. In terms of weight, this could lead to the purchasing of approximately 135 tons of metal (in 2015 Germany obtained 116 tons of gold). 

The study revealed that the intention to buy precious metals is directly proportional to the respondents' income. If the monthly income exceeds 2,000 EUR they are interested in a continuous purchase of physical precious metals. The explanation was simple: those who earn more require financial stability and safety. 

Do you think it is a signal to YOU to do the same to secure your savings ?  

Example on States gold reserves and personal funds

Germany holds the second place in the list of countries with the largest gold reserves. The country has a long tradition of gold purchase and currently it has 3,381 tons.  


Gold prices continue to rise

Gold prices has surprised the market once again by breaking a record from August 2014. Will gold price stop at $1,312 per ounce? Will it continue growing? It is time to find out! Visit InterGold website!

This article was published on 19.07.2016 by Johnny Sneisen
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